Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hearings on PPS building study

Today's Tribune indicates that hearings will be held for the public to comment on the facilities study being conducted by a consulting firm from Ohio.

Reportedly, the firm will look at building conditions, possible programs in the buildings, projected enrollment and the PPS financial condition. The study will cover open buildings as well as four closed buildings (including Schenley but not Reizenstein).

"Regional" public hearings are to be held on May 13 and 14 at 7:00 pm at a location not yet announced. A "city-wide" public hearing is planned for March 30 on the South Side. The facilities study is to be completed in July 2009.



Anonymous said...

And why not Reizenstein??? I remember something about asbestos in the air at Reizenstein in one of the reports.

Questioner said...

Apologies, the original post should not have said "not Reizenstein"- since it is now "open" it would be included in the study. It seems clear that the plan is to sell Reizenstein, though, so probably the consultant will not put much effort into detailing any issues with that building.

Questioner said...

Population information to be considered- from today's PG the trend of declining population in the area has slowed. A regional planning commission predicts that the low point in population will be reached in about 5 years with population slowly increasing again after that point.