Sunday, March 1, 2009

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Anonymous said...

This PURE Reform forum has made 2 points crystal clear for me: 1) There are many, many people who are really concerned about the students and the future (or lack of) of PPSs, and that; 2)board members, administrators, and their boss don't read this blog, don't care to admit they read it or just think that they are smarter than the rest of us which gives them the right to make decisions that affect our children but not theirs.

Anonymous said...

Like-mindedness tends to scare me. It tends to be dangerous, especially in these times. It's troubling that such an incredibly outrageous issue like the grading policy does not spark debate within administration itself. That alone tells me that we are dealing with a mindset and to me, it does not bode well for me or my kids.
Don't discount arrogance. There is an ample amount to go around on Bellefield Avenue. That these folks actually believe they are above the fray is disconcerting.

Anonymous said...

At a program at Allderdice yesterday I noticed the stalls in one of the bathrooms had no locks. I thought maybe this was intentional but another bathroom did have locks. How can this type of basic maintenance problem be overlooked or considered unimportant? What are the chances that the stalls at the Bellefield building have no locks?

Cornelius Figgyfinn said...

Everything about the Broad Program is yet another step in the process of the government getting out of the education business. Read the website and understand what is transpiring in Pittsburgh--our darkest days are being shared in other cities.
If you want to turn around education in this urban setting, bring together the most successful teachers in every school---from every department. Let them come up with real world scenarios in which kids can achieve and academic integrity can be maintained. Let them discuss the real problems our kids face--the real dilemmas each teacher faces each and every day. Let them discuss the neighborhoods our kids come from and the many problems which are there in the home and in the community.

Get rid of the superintendent and his staff immediately. Urban education is no place for corporate types and no place for failed teachers who have matriculated into administration. It's not a place for those who devise policies so grossly out of touch with the realities of the classroom that their beliefs seem to emanate from comic books.
This is a crucial time in education, and this is no time or place for pseudo-educators.
You want success? Ask the most successful teachers.

parent1st said...

Congratualtions to the studens who participated in today's Think-A-Thon and the dedicated staff and volunteers who made the event possible. It was announced during the closing ceremonies that the art entries (Floats) will be on display at the Bellefield building soon.

Both Dr. Lane and Mr. Roosevelt attended the Think-A-Thon. Mrs. Clark, Think-A-Thon director (retired PPS teacher) noted that Mr. Roosevelt is the first superintendent to attend the event in 12-14 years.

Best of luck to all again next year.

Questioner said...

Thank you parent1st for the news about the Thinkathon. Since we are focusing posts on topics that will spark discussion about reform issues this news doesn't quite fit as a new post, but perhaps we need to think about finding a place for this type of announcement.

Anonymous said...

I heard that there are plans to eliminate the CAS program. Does anyone have information about this?

Anonymous said...

Remember as a child the idea of 'do-overs'? Well, our children will have no chance of a 'do-over'when it comes to their educations. If PPS learns from its mistakes, great for the incoming students but tough luck for those in the system.
We as PPS victims are being pushed down a path that leads to a cliff. If you believe we have real 'choices' you are one of the leaders to that cliff. If you believe a PPS diploma will be worth the paper it's written on then you get a 50% for effort (heck, the students do or not, I'm confused). If 'new and improved' is you style then PPS is for you (maybe we'll even have a boy and girl themed school). If you believe the Promise will help you kid, let me know how that works out for you. But remember that in this ongoing mess there will be no do-overs for your kids!