Thursday, November 26, 2009

EFA report

For months PURE Reform has requested a report on the district's EFA goals. The 4 year EFA period ended with the 2008=2009 school year. The PG indicates that a report has been released:

Once again the benchmarks are described as "aspirational," even though at the time they were issued they were described as "How [the district] will hold [itself] accountable." Even small movement in the right direction is celebrated as "progress" toward the goal, regardless of how far off the result is from the benchmark that was set.


Questioner said...

It is also useful to step back for a moment and consider the concept of "excellence for all." Has there really been a change in the extent to which schools across the district are regarded as "excellent," or are the same schools and programs viewed as excellent four years ago the ones that for the most part stand out as excellent today?

Questioner said...

And finally regarding the comment where the superintendent described the goals as an "attempt to jump-start change in a struggling district"-PURE reform previously showed that for almost every PSSA category where data was available, progress during the 4 years prior to the spring 2005 tests exceeded progress during the 4 years after the spring 2005 tests.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Off topic question:

What became of the naming of the Sci Tech High School with PPS Board?

Was a name decision made?

Questioner said...

Yes, Pittsburgh Academy of Science and Technology (or something similar).