Monday, November 2, 2009

Year round school

From the PG Letters to the Editor "The education of a child goes beyond school" and "Family values":

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Anonymous said...

After recently touring a charter school which has always been yer-round, I am giving this more thougth and I must say I like the idea. Western PA in particular has a population high in thinkers of status quo as the only option. We seem to want the best outcomes but are unwilling to change our lifestyle to get it.

Funny story. A few years ago the PPS superintendent was fielding questions from parents about the amount of PSSA prep during a school day. The methods of getting ready varied from building to buildin and finally one Dad explained that he told his kid NOT to work on a PSSA Prep packet given as homework. The packet was given on a Friday and those hours between Friday at dismissal and Monday at first bell apparently should be off-limits for any learning. I find that the best work I do to help my kid with homework happens on weekends when we are less hurried and have the opportunity to take a rest and tackle it with a clear head. Call me crazy! P.S. I am bothered by ZERO comment count.