Wednesday, May 26, 2010

CTE Academy option

On the May "Start a new post" Annette Werner wrote:

An alternative to the "cluster plan" for CTE discussed on another post is a CTE academy (or a CTE academy for each half of the city). Here are some benefits of a CTE academy that have been raised by various people, including members of the Open East End panel:

A CTE academy (or a "CTE East" and "CTE West" academy) was the top choice at the community dialogues and for members of the Open East End Panel.

A CTE academy would avoid problematic shuttles.

A CTE academy would enable students to change career concentrations without changing schools.

A CTE academy would bring together students with a common interest in career training.

A CTE academy would allow the kind of collaboration necessary in light of the growing confluence of different career disciplines (such as information technology and health sciences) that was noted by the TRWIB speaker at the CTE workshop.

A CTE academy would allow efficient delivery of programming relevant to all CTE students. For example, many career trainees will eventually be owners of small businesses (or should become owners of small businesses to maximize earnings). Classes in entrepreneurship, marketing, accounting, and strategies for choosing the right mix of services to hedge against economic downturns could be offered far more easily in one location than in seven.

A CTE academy could efficiently offer mini-courses or information on emerging careers, subsidiary careers, or alternate careers than cannot be offered as a full concentration but which could be excellent career choices. And, just as important, it could educate students on how to navigate inevitable changes in market demand for particular skills.

A CTE academy could most easily bring individuals successful in their careers to speak to students and share their experiences.

A CTE academy would be the ideal site for career exploration programs to inspire and motivate middle school students.

Finally, a CTE academy would demonstrate and demand a real dedication to career training on the part of the district.

While costs must be considered, no information has been provided on the cost of using a building that already has substantial CTE space (such as Westinghouse or Peabody), or even Oliver which is slated to be renovated anyway.


wingnut said...

Over the years we have heard about distance learning opportunities, mostly from the two prior administrations. The highly specialized classes mentioned here, particularly those on planning and marketing and managing a business, apply to all career options. Distance learning could be a ticket to contain costs for these special classes.

Anonymous said...

Distance learning and high school students is a pretty iffy concept. These aren't "highly specialized" classes, they are classes in the basics of accounting, marketing, etc.

Even motivated adults with paychecks riding on distance learning classes have a hard time keeping up and staying awake when there isn't a real live human in the room with them!

Questioner said...

Distance learning classes also do not allow students to work on group projects or interact with and learn from peers. These experinces are an important part of business training.

Mark Rauterkus said...

I think you really mean TWO CTE ACADEMIES, not A CTE ....

Mark Rauterkus said...

At the recent Excellence for All meeting that featured Mark Roosevelt, a hard hitting question about CTE came from a concerned citizen. The question asked Mr. Roosevelt why he had the board pass a motion that was really without a real plan. Why not put forth a detailed plan and then pass that.

Mark Roosevelt didn't agree.

More was said as to the process from the citizen. It begins in motion a weak concept.

There were some 30-ish (#?) programs offered. Given multiple sites and 900 kids, the programs are each at 25 kids or something. This was wacked planning.


My $.02 comment went back to a prior statement that Mr. Roosevelt likes schools where the kids are cared for -- with a loving feeling. Well, I said that warm feeling of care and support was present at South Vo Tech. That's a 1 place CTE solution.

Interesting exchange. Mr. Roosevelt said he needs to spend more of his quality time on the CTE plan.

Questioner said...

? Spend more quality time on the CTE plan now after it has already been passed ?

Mark Rauterkus said...

What was passed was a direction of a CTE plan -- not the plan itself. Or, something like that. It is more than a hint of a plan yet to be fully cooked -- but it isn't the real plan.

Questioner said...

Still, what they passed forecloses the option of anything like South Vo Tech, or of using CTE like CAPA and sci tech have been used to attract a diverse group of students. And it sets off another round of expensive renovations.

Mark Rauterkus said...

From Thursday night's meeting with Mark Roosevelt.

One more section is pending. That is the last part where he talked about the skeleton plan with CTE and fielded a protest question about the process.