Thursday, May 6, 2010

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mimi said...

As Teacher Appreciation Week draws to a close I hang my head to confess I have not extended a single THANK YOU to those who deserve it. After talking to a few people to ask what their schools have done to celebrate the week it seems the level goes from NOTHING AT ALL to a DAILY ACTIVITY organized by non-teaching staff.

PTOs often take the lead in sponsoring events for Teacher Appreciation Week and similiar days of special significance, but what about schools without PTOs? A school with a PTO or an active and organized parent group usually runs fundraisers in order to pay for a special appreciation breakfast or luncheon or a small gift. What happens in your school?

Tomorrow is not too late to say thanks.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Teacher appreciation the week leading into Mother's Day is a ploy only a mastermind like Al Fondy could hatch.

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mom's out there and elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Question for Mark - Did the new athletic committee have the May meeting yet? If so, are things moving in a positive direction? If there hasn't been a May meeting, why not?

Anonymous said...

It is my understanding that the PFT had a recent election and a new slate - "Teachers for Change", won 2 key positions. George Gensure and Sylvia Wilson both lost. The current PFT slate has ordered a recount.

If the results stand, it will be very interesting to see how some "new blood" affects what is going on with all the PPS changes coming soon. Many teachers do not like all the new reforms that PPS/PFT are forcing down their throats. Maybe a "fox in the hen house" might be good for the system.

Anonymous said...

This is from the PPS web site. It is a list of all high school and middle school positions available for the 2010-2011 school year.

There are 42 high school coaching positions open and 22 middle school positions. So much for continuity in PPS. Where have all these coaches gone?

Anonymous said...

The coaching posting date is May 26th, and the close date is June 2nd. With the holiday weekend and no school on Monday, that doesn't give people much notice/time to apply. Plus, factor in that there will most likely be teacher movements from one building to another next year. What is the rush all of a sudden? Something doesn't seem right.

Annette Werner said...

An alternative to the "cluster plan" for CTE discussed on another post is a CTE academy (or a CTE academy for each half of the city). Here are some benefits of a CTE academy that have been raised by various people, including members of the Open East End panel:

A CTE academy (or a "CTE East" and "CTE West" academy) was the top choice at the community dialogues and for members of the Open East End Panel.

A CTE academy would avoid problematic shuttles.

A CTE academy would enable students to change career concentrations without changing schools.

A CTE academy would bring together students with a common interest in career training.

A CTE academy would allow the kind of collaboration necessary in light of the growing confluence of different career disciplines (such as information technology and health sciences) that was noted by the TRWIB speaker at the CTE workshop.

A CTE academy would allow efficient delivery of programming relevant to all CTE students. For example, many career trainees will eventually be owners of small businesses (or should become owners of small businesses to maximize earnings). Classes in entrepreneurship, marketing, accounting, and strategies for choosing the right mix of services to hedge against economic downturns could be offered far more easily in one location than in seven.

A CTE academy could efficiently offer mini-courses or information on emerging careers, subsidiary careers, or alternate careers than cannot be offered as a full concentration but which could be excellent career choices. And, just as important, it could educate students on how to navigate inevitable changes in market demand for particular skills.

A CTE academy could most easily bring individuals successful in their careers to speak to students and share their experiences.

A CTE academy would be the ideal site for career exploration programs to inspire and motivate middle school students.

Finally, a CTE academy would demonstrate and demand a real dedication to career training on the part of the district.

While costs must be considered, no information has been provided on the cost of using a building that already has substantial CTE space (such as Westinghouse or Peabody), or even Oliver which is slated to be renovated anyway.

Annette Werner said...

At today's education committee meeting, one board member had an interesting idea: to the extent there is space in a school, why not open enrollment to others in the district?

The point was made that Milliones is a feeder pattern school with open enrollment to the extent there is space; why not do the same with other schools in the district?

Annette Werner said...

The issue of healthier school lunches has come up frequently lately and is part of Michelle Obama's campaign against childhood obesity.

Vegan options would be healthy and just as important, cruelty free. An introduction to vegan choices is being offered tomorrow in Shadyside by Voices for Animals:

What It's All About!

Come see the original "Peaceable Kingdom," (2004) a powerful movie about animal agriculture and the animals affected by it (77 minutes), enjoy a FREE delicious vegan meal, and hear and participate in discussions about veganism and animal sentience. There will also be a question and answer session after the movie.

Sunday, July 11th, 12 PM-2PM
First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh
(Schweitzer Room)
605 Morewood Avenue
Pittsburgh (Shadyside), PA 15213

Admission is free but donations are greatly appreciated.
Everyone is welcome!

Note: Movie may not be appropriate for children. Parental discretion is advised

Anonymous said...

Questioner - Article in the paper today may be interesting to post since there have been many discussions about Gates through several of the posts.