Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Candidates for school board

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"Is there any way PURE might be able to provide any information on possible or declared candidates for school board seats?"


Anonymous said...

One thing these potenial candidates not just serve their dist. and also all other dist. over all.because that when we get into a quagmire meaning a hidden agenda to make sure that his/her dist is being taken care of,
my point that's when we get into a conversation that certain dist. gets more than other dist.base on the more well to da areaa where as school(s) is located.most of arguments= social,economical environments in which people live in it is true that certain dist. do get more for one reason they got the social status and the economical power i don't have to reveal what dist. you what i am talking about.i am not going to get into it example the sigle gender school in Homewood,i leave it there.this should be one of the main focus in electing a board member you see how tense board meetins get sometimes,always about particular dist we need to get beyond that and REPRESENT all dist.
everybody get equal resourses,etc

Anonymous said...

March 8 is the deadline to file petitions.

Questioner said...

Regina Holley, a successful former principal of Lincoln Elementary, is likely to run for the District 2seat. She would be a strong and insightful member of the Board.

Anonymous said...

She would be an excellent board member - enough experience to not be taken in by words and empty promises.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Ira is busy.

From today's P-G.

Montour appoints new school solicitor
Friday, February 25, 2011
By Andrea Iglar

Montour school directors Thursday night accepted the resignation of attorney Ira Weiss and appointed Pittsburgh law firm Goehring, Rutter & Boehm as the district's solicitor, effective March 1.

Board members approved both actions in 6-0 votes, with Cynthia Morrow, Frank Dalmas and Jay Richards absent.

The law offices of Mr. Weiss have served Montour since 1994. In a Jan. 11 letter to the district, Mr. Weiss said, "I cannot continue to devote the time and attention required by the many important challenges Montour must work through in the coming school year."

Mr. Weiss said his firm's work with the Pittsburgh Public Schools has been requiring more of his time and attention because of new initiatives and leadership changes.

Read more:

Mark Rauterkus said...

Did anyone go to last night's EFA meeting (Excellence for All) at Pgh Obama?

Recap welcomed.

And, there was a sports discussion too, perhaps. Would love to hear about that too.

And, to stay on topic, any school board candidates there to schmooze?

Anonymous said...

I would love to see Regina Holley represent my district.

Questioner said...

If we want to see some real policy making- Dr. Holley is the person to elect to the Board.

Anonymous said...

how many board seat are up,also in what dist, one name was mention a Dr.Regina Holley mention for
dist. 2 could someone plaese provide other dist. and potential candidates thank you

Questioner said...

It's the even numbered districts that are up, so also dist 4 (Isler), 6 (Hazuda) and 8 (Brentley). Few candidates. Possibly a challenge to Mark Brentley.

Been There said...

"Few candidates. Possibly a challenge to Mark Brentley"

That's just more of the sad irony that has become commonplace in the PPS.

Brentley is the only board member who really understands what's going on.

Questioner said...

Some people suspect Bill Isler may step down (before the brunt of poor decisions over the past 6 years hits). Probably nothing would be said, though, until a replacement had been lined up.

Anonymous said...

The problem with Brentley is that, despite his valiant efforts against Roosevelt, he has done a lot of foolish things in the past (false accusations that are publicly proven wrong, for one) that weaken him politically when he stands up for something just.

Anonymous said...

10:38 -
False accusations regarding whom and about what?

Are you sure that they were "false?" Or just denied with supporting PR versus factual truths?

Mark Brentley has been "right" far more times, exponentially, than he was wrong. And certainly, far more right than the former Superintendent who fled the ship he sank (PPS) with egregiously poor decisions.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if it even matters anymore.

Anonymous said...

What DOES matter is that Mark Brentley has been a LONE voice in the wilderness of dysfunction, mis-representation, underachievement, inequity, drop-out, disparity, and disenfranchisement.

It took the kind of courage that no one else was able to muster to stand for his constituents in the face of 'marginalization' by the political power structure in this city.

BRAVO Mark! In the face of it all you maintained your composure while those on either side smirked, made snide asides, and regarded one another as smugly superior.

It matters!

Anonymous said...

And Mark Brentley's still here while Mark Roosevelt has taken off (like we knew he would).

Anonymous said...

When watching the Board meetings on TV, I can't believe the looks/talking/rudeness that goes on when a Board member is talking. (not other Board members, but staff members are doing this). How unprofessional and condescending.

Anonymous said...

And what you see on the televised session is just a snippet of what is similarly happening and is observed live, in-the-room, around the table depending on who is speaking.

Yes, it certainly reveals much about the participants.

Arrogance is often apparent with those who know much, but when it is obvious in those who know little, it is a very, very sad state of affairs.

Anonymous said...

Theresa Colaizzi is always giving him the side eye, evil eye, or eye roll.

So classy & professional.

anonanon said...

With the exception of Dr. Holley and a possible opponent to Mr. Brentley, could there possibly be no other candidates?

Questioner said...

That's how it looks. It's a big time commitment (in hours and flexiblity) and if an existing board member has been in place for a while the name recognition is hard to overcome.