Thursday, February 10, 2011

On-line credit recovery

Article about on-line credit recovery and the need for continuing teacher involvement:

Although there doesn't seem to have been much public discussion, PPS is moving toward greater use of online credit recovery. The extent of teacher involvement in PPS is not clear.


Anonymous said...

My first question is did PPS do any research and fact finding about
'On-line credit recovery,for instant will they have biding for the best providers and at what cost among other things
I think it is a good idea to help at risk students who are falling behind might drop out of school.
Also there is a factor that need to be looked at,yes it true that the students keeping from falling behind and also to graduate.
My big complaint will this help them really get a full value education or just use this system to push out acertain target population to say that PPS graduation rates went up and drop out rate went down.
And when do PPS is going to start this program fro at risk students.
First they need to do a pilot program with a school has a lot of student falling behind and dropping out,i just thought that i throw that out there

Been There said...

To Anon 2:56

You wrote:
"My big complaint will this help them really get a full value education..."

You are correct in saying that. It has been my experience that such programs do little more than pass the student along.

And I would estimate that such a program is about 1/3 as rigorous as a standard classroom course of study.

Anonymous said...

On line recovery?

PPS students can make credits up the followings ways.

Summer School, Night School, Credit Recovery courses after school, Credit recovery courses at Letche

You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink

You can not make a kid learn if they will put forth the effort

Been There is correct about passing kids along.

My question is when is enough, enough, we give these kids so many chances.

Must be the teachers fault, you can't hold the students or the parents accountable, what a joke

If we had more displine and social services in the schools it would solve more problems that the crap the PPS & PFT are peddling.

Displine is going down hill and getting worse, social services are being cut, counselors are being replace by para proffesionals, so are Vice Principles. And the most important educational issue to most PPS parents is why or why don't we have a two hour delay. Check the district Facebook page.

The ship is sinking

Losing all hope