Sunday, February 27, 2011

Toning down

On another post, Old Timer wrote:

Old Timer has left a new comment on your post "Candidates for school board":

"I don't see a link to 'suggest new topics' like I did before, so pardon me for tramping on this thread, but it's surprising that last Sunday's Linda Lane article was not linked here.
I sense a 'toning down' in administrative types over the past month, and I have to think that Dr.Lane is behind this. It's not that visitations are something we eagerly anticipate, but the resulting commentary has not been as rife with vitriol as during the past two years. I guess I'd like to hear what other teachers think."


parent1 said...

I have only had a few opportunities to be in Dr. Lane's presence at meetings and hear her express her opinions and philosophies as she answers questions from other parents. Could it be she is letting her experience guide her? Could it be that the goals won't be changed but that the tone will be less punitive? It also seems like she is in a job she loves which may not have been true of her predecessor.

Anonymous said...

I would have to disagree and say that while Dr.Lane sounds like a true people person, her lieutenants are still the problem. We are still talking about individuals who seem to be vengeful in their dealings, and for the life of me, I don't know why. When our learning walk team descends on our school, with the grand poobah in charge, it almost seems like some personal crusade.
Who needs this stress?
If Linda has told her subordinates to "tone down", or visitors never got the memo. And don't even get me started about our PELA.

Anonymous said...

I would not expect change to be at the snap of Dr.Lane's fingers. By all accounts, she is an intelligent person who unlike Roosevelt, who ran PPS like a corporate model, understands that education is a people profession. If I had to guess, the end of the school year will be an interesting time in assessing the idea of change. Will those same lieutenants be in place. Will department heads still be in charge? The best bosses take long, hard looks before acting.
Wait and see would seem to be a good policy, although, this seems like hollow advice to anyone being made to embark on an improvement plan or being made to resign.

Anonymous said...

Maybe your school is toeing the line better than others, Old Timer?

I'm still hearing horror stories about PELAs and walkthrough teams.

parent1 said...

Anonymous, parents do not get to observe a learning walk, we only know what our kids tell us about them. They usually roll their eyes a lot when describing one.

Anonymous said...

Let's at lease give Dr.Lane a chance in the up coming school year she has to finish out riding the policy thst Mark Roosevelt left in place she has options stay Mark course or repeal his policy and replace it with her policies after all she is a educator that is one advantage she had over Roosevelt in which he ran it like coporate america,point is time will tell how Dr. Lane guide and lead PPS.A good leader one take upon a critical issue(s) like absenteeism and high drop out rates
meaning she should set some kind of
priorities in which Mark ignore i might be wrong but he really did not take it serious talk about but to no PREVAIL!!!!now Dr. Lane is the new head i hope that she makes the right decision in policies dept. heads etc.

Julius said...

Anonymous 7:42, who is the grand poobah?