Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Infrastructure/ sewers

From the Tribune:


Pittsburgh is facing a whole range or serious infrastructure problems. It is not clear that the city can affort scholarship contributions in lieu of (rather than in addition to) tax payments needed to maintain city infrastructure.


Old Timer said...

I'm sure Governor Corbett will work to limit local governments' abilities to deal with infrastructure problems while it continues to line its pockets with the "contributions" of gas drillers.
Republicans. Is there a more corrupt bunch?

Just Passing By said...

Old Timer,

Your insights regarding local school problems are most helpful. But why add the anti-Republican rant?

I understand your frustration. I really do.

But yes, your 6:49 post was, unfortunately, a rant. It is one thing to call Corbett corrupt. Maybe he is. But it is quite another to call perhaps 40% of your fellow citizens corrupt.

If you respond, please furnish us with some links discussing all the wonderful things Ed Rendell did to fix our city's infrastructure problems.

Better yet, please do not.

My point is this. As I see it, this forum is the ideal place to discuss practical ways to improve the Pittsburgh schools. It's not the place to make sweeping political assaults.

Please consider this. Do you think you'll win over any Republican visitors here by calling them corrupt? No, you won't. It's much more likely that they'll instead ignore the other things you have to say. And that would be a shame.

P.S. I am a registered Democrat and I did not vote for Corbett in the last election. I voted third party.

Old Timer said...

Agreed. My apologies for going off topic.

Old Timer said...

One correction to your commentary, Passing By...
The comment about republicans being corrupt is in reference to politicians and not those who say they vote for the republican party.
Citizens pay for all of the wrongs done by politicians, no matter the party.
All of this...just my opinion.