Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Randi Weingarten pushes back

On another post Old Timer wrote:

"Questioner, check this link and publish it as a separate thread:


This is AFT president Randi Weingarten doing an about face where education is concerned, much as Diane Ravitch recently did. Now, she is remembering who her constituents are. Now she is feeling put off by non-educators making policy and taking aim at teachers. Now we see her aiming her anger at Bill Gates.

Like John Tarka, you were happy to kiss rings and make happy faces with these parasites. You were happy to sell your teachers down the river. Welcome back."


Just Passing By said...

Randi Weingarten pushing back?

Not really.

According to the article, Weingarten directed her anger at certain state governors who were - in her opinion - trying to restrict collective bargaining rights.

There was NO mention of Bill Gates in the article. There was NO mention of the various foundations that are undermining public education.

I'm not saying that Weingarten was wrong about the governors, but this was just a typical bland political stump speech.

She said nothing about corrupting influence of Gates and his ilk.

By the way, there is a related NY Times article linked at the site:


In this article, Weingarten attacks "a group of self-styled reformers from on high”" who are harming education.

She does not name these people, but the implication is that they are state officials who want to make budget cuts.

Again, no mention of Gates or the foundations.

Like Tarka, Weingarten still doesn't get it.

Anonymous said...

Just passing by, I must concur.

Anonymous said...

Still, someone got Weingarten's ear here in both articles. This is a change from what we have been reading. You mean, it took all of this time to get her to open her mouth. The Wisconsin and New Jersey situations started months ago.