Thursday, July 14, 2011

Techology materials using borrowed language

On another post Anonymous wrote:

"There doesn't seem to be a new post thread, so requesting a thread for this:

It appears that Mr. Campbell in Technology has plagiarized the "Code of Ethics" to which the very document states in item 4 that plagiarism is not tolerated.

PPS Document:

Originial Document:

This continues a long series of Mr. Campbell plagiarizing documents. All of his job postings have been stolen for other sources.

This is just another example that demonstrates that he is a fraud."


Anonymous said...

Nothing better than a lazy Chief! He does seem to have a pattern "borrowing" from other sites.

The new job listed July 5th in his department.. Did he swipe that job description too?

Anonymous said...

It does appear the July 5th posting is also stolen

Anonymous said...

Oh snap! Does PPS even have an enterprise architect?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the two prior job descriptions he plagiarized.

Dr. Lane is sending a loud and clear signal by continuing to tolerate academic fraud in her cabinet.

In reputable educational institutions academic fraud is grounds for termination. We are up to four counts this summer.

Anonymous said...

It isn't unusual to "kind of borrow" job descriptions, it is common, however you tailor the job description to your job specifications. However, borrowing verbatum especially when leaving a college's name in, and in this last case reporting to a position that does exsist is highly suspect and lazy.

Does HR know or care?

Anonymous said...

For that matter, why does the Board tolerate this?

All the spit-shine PR in the world doesn't change the LACK of professionalism, pride in a hard day's work and intellectual capacity evident in the senior ranks of PPS.

Strong and decisive action might yet reverse the death spiral, but that is only going to come with a shift in governance.

The worst part really is that the Board, Superintendent and her cabinet not only don't know what they don't know, they actually don't care.

This district paid an outside company (the New Teachers Project) more than a million dollars to hire 38 teachers that would never step foot into a classroom and scheduled executive raises ONE DAY before the Governor released his budget. The CIO's intellectual dishonesty is now just par for the course.

Anonymous said...

Why is there a new job posting on 7/5? The IT department Let go of to many key people in June.

Anonymous said...

I believe the district had 2 people with that job title and one was laid off. Interesting that they posted for it so quickly

Anonymous said...

Where's Nina and the PFT in all of this?

Don't forget that some of the jobs eliminated where members of the Technical-Clerical unit. If Campbell fires the PPS bargaining unit folk that did a subset of tasks and then, for instance, hires private companies to do the work, that's a violation of the contract.

We need to watch the agenda review and legislative minutes very carefully.

Anonymous said...

10:24 captures the PPS problem. Central Office Executives at PPS just DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY DON'T KNOW and whether or not they ALL don't care is an assumption.

And, since the BOARD and BROAD/GATES are not educators, there is no expectation that they should KNOW.

Perhaps, they are all doing the best they can. Unfortunately, 26,000+ of Pittsburgh's children have been put "at risk" in the current educational system.

And that is criminal, whether intended or unintended.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this interesting: (

"The ousted West Jefferson Hills School District superintendent filed a lawsuit this week in Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas against the school solicitor [Ira Weiss, same as Pittsburgh] and board president...initially accused of improperly interfering with the hiring of an English and reading teacher at Thomas Jefferson High School in August 2009, and later of plagiarizing documents sent to parents and staff for the fall 2009 school year..."

How is it that the Solicitor can treat plagarism one way in West Jefferson - fire the alleged culprit - but in Pittsburgh be content to sit back and do nothing as Mark Campbell commits at least four well document instances of academic fraud this summer?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Ira Weiss, he resigned as the Montour solicitor this year because he needed more time for PPS business. Yet, he is also the solicitor for Highlands, Carlyton, and West Jefferson Hills. He must be a very busy man. I wonder how much PPS pays his firm on retainer? I know he "outsources" some PPS business such as lawsuits to other law firms. It would be interesting to see some figures for what PPS pays out in total legal fees.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:57

I have lost any shread of respect for Linda Lane that I previously had.

Anon 7:17

You're kidding, right?

Jeremy said...

The reason that the DBA position was posted:
1) Staff reduction eliminated 1 of 2 positions.
2) The remaining DBA decided that doing the work of 2 people was silly, so they found another job, leaving zero DBAs

So naturally, a job was posted.

Anonymous said...

Good luck finding another one.

Anonymous said...


Was the displaced DBA given an opportunity to come back?

Questioner said...

Was going to ask the same thing- since everyone (Board, admin, etc.) reportedly felt so bad about these layoffs, why not give those laid off an opportunity to return if a job is available?

Anonymous said...

I though 2 DBA's were let go? Technology people are hard to hire at PPS. Horrible work conditions, low pay, long hours, no respect and residency requirements are all issues finding talented tech people. I can't imagine anyoe in their right mind would return even if they were asked.

How can they run with zero DBA's?

Anonymous said...

There is a $120,000 contract in the July agenda review materials for database administration.

Anonymous said...

So fire employees and replace with consultants? I knew Campbell was well known for high turnover, he is keeping up his reputation.

Questioner said...

This seems crazy. We were told that the firings were to save money. Reported "savings" should be reduced by amounts spent on new consultant contracts.

Anonymous said...

"There is a $120,000 contract in the July agenda review materials for database administration.

July 18, 2011 6:46 PM"

That is for ONE position. They need more than one and the consultant has a steep learning curve.

Idiotic move.

Old Timer said...

"Where's Nina"????

Like her mentor John Tarka, here is an individual who is clueless as to the needs of rank and file. She's busy writing letters to the editor that discuss how accessible and sympathetic the PFT is to its rank and file.

But the PFT forgot about its teachers long ago, and it has people like Tarka, Esposito-Visgitis, Hileman and Mary Van Horn to thank.

I invite any teacher to go to a membership meeting to discuss the PFT's thinking. I invite any teacher to question the PFT's logic while there. I invite any teacher to seek recourse for building problems with a PFT rep or to seek the option of filing a grievance. I invite any teacher to listen to Van Horn among others talk about RISE. And I invite any teacher to question why we still have no copy of the latest contract and while in negotiations, why the union continually gives back items that were won in previous years.

Union leadership must necessarily be adversarial with management, and not kissy-huggy. It's not about what the public will think of you as a union---they already have a bias against you--it's about doing what is right for your membership?

In any of the situations I invited teachers to be a part of above, you will wonder if you are listening to PFT leadership, or PPS administration.

These people have forgotten teachers, and could care less.

Nina, if you really care about teachers, do them a favor and resign immediately.

Mark Sammartino represents the only hope for teachers in the next election. The only hope.

Anonymous said...

Old Timer- you know the Board, Bellefield, and the PFT are involved in a menage a trois. It will take a huge movement on the part of teachers to extricate the PFT from this "affair." I hope it isn't too late.

Anonymous said...

To go one step further, while I agree that Mark would be a positive change, the PFT election is about as honest as third world elections when it comes to the top spots.
Let's be real--the last election for president and the last contract were guaranteed to fall in line for the Gates people.
That's scary, that even the PFT saw this effort as "good for teachers."
What could they be thinking?
What was is in it for them?

Anonymous said...

I am astonished that yet another week goes by, and the plagarizing Mark Campbell is still manning the helm. After revelation of five instances of plagarism, he is still there. Each day he is there is another day that the technology in the schools is jeopardized. Any staff member, or school employee would be released immediately for doing the things that he has done. He has been permitted to lie, manipulate and destroy this district. As a city tax payer and parent...I am appauled and embarrassed that the Board members WE elected continue to turn a blind eye to this man. And to Lisa Fischette and Linda would be appreciated if you would take your cohort, Mark Campbell and go terrorize another school district. Hopefully before it is too late to save ours.