Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A+ statement on budget

On another post Anonymous wrote:

"A+ Schools
Statement on Pittsburgh Public Schools Budget Challenges.


A+ Schools Releases Statement on School Closings, Budget Cuts



Anonymous said...

Apparently A+ schools hired William J. Johns, former senior vice president of PNC financial services, to perform a financial analysis (audit) of PPS. He also was interim PPS CFO in 2006/07.

Question. How can he conduct an independent audit if he worked for PPS?

Also, does anyone know him?

Anonymous said...

Looking at A+ schools colorful and pretty graphs and charts, I cannot help but notice similarities between theirs and PPSs. Must be a coincedent that they bought the same software.

Questioner said...

But does it look like the work of a watchdog?

Anonymous said...

Ask yourself why he only agreed to serve one year and you may then wonder if he is not the best man for the job.

Anonymous said...

Will someone please confront A+ Schools and ask how independent the organization can be when it is funded by the same foundations that support the PPS? It really is a sad, sad situation we have here in Pittsburgh.

Anonymous said...

PPS is having a. Fire sale. 15 schools are available, including Schenley & Reizenstein.

Go to the main PPS site and you will see a white & red banner to click on.

Anonymous said...

Reizenstein will be sold within a year after Obama moves to Peabody.
Done deal. Cash cow for PPS, and a chance to hire more central office.

Anonymous said...

Reizenstein was always the ideal school to sell- it is a poorly designed building made of poor quality materials- but in the most opportune location for today's market. Schenley should never have been moved there in the first place.

Anonymous said...

A+ Schools has proven itself to be one of the strongest advocates for PPS. Currently it is anything but a watchdog group, so to speak. A serious watchdog is what Pittsburgh needs desperately, particularly since the elected Board has been co-opted by Broad/Gates and an insidious need to be a part of the "in" group at the Administration Building. These are the people they spend the most time with and seem to need approval of Bellefield just as A+ Schools does.

We need people who are knowledgeable enough, and independent enough to ask the right questions. "Watchdogs" must ask the right questions and get answers that can be documented. The must be independent enough to investigate results, academically, financially, and organizationally and make decisions and adjustments that will serve Pittsburgh students as opposed to a multitude of adult entities.