Friday, September 2, 2011

Teachers' bonus

On another post Anonymous wrote:

"Pittsburgh Public Schools teachers up for bonus"


Anonymous said...

Watch the PFT ask teachers to "give up their bonus" for the good of the district's finances.

Anonymous said...

Well they shouldnt. Because the adm people got big pay raises the day before the governors budget announcement came out. And we know thats wrong, real wrong.

The next move is to double back this month and give Dr. Lane her bonus. She has to get it in to add on to her 5 years for retirement purposes. Then she is audi, mark my words. I bet there is a office with her name on it just waiting at Antioch college. She will be the Dean of students there.

Anonymous said...

You know there has to be major furloughs for teachers announced comming up in the next several months. Its just a matter of time. And do to know fault of there own either. So maybe giving them a few coins will stop them from mobolizing for the masses of them.

Where is our union? Please come to our rescue. We need you. We work hard and put up with more crap than any other district in the area. We have strength in numbers.

Anonymous said...

I am a teacher at one of the newly merged school and it is a mess already. We need help. Please allow the community stake holders to come in here with us. They know the kids and the kids respect them. I mean we can teach, but with the major disruptions and constant termoil and need to us to be hush hush is hurting us and the kids.

I love teaching. But I will be the first to say we are all having a hard time working with this population of kids. Without parental involvement of accountabilty we are doomed. Why cant we engage the community organizations, and leaders of their own neighborhoods? Why cant we have the alumni and church groups help us? In my buidling we are all like fish out of water. We are all from some where else and the students know it too. I mean we care and are trying but they can see right through us. We need real cops in our building too. Please please help us before its too late.

Anonymous said...

$1000? When administrators get upwards of $5000 or more? Is this a joke?

Union? Not until Mark Sammartino is voted in. You want action, vote these PPS cronies OUT.

Anonymous said...

8:41 - This teacher has put forth a plea for help in her newly merged school. Is it Milliones U-Prep or the Westinghouse Academies? We need to know which in order to rally the community? Who do we see about assisting? The Principal? or Other?

At Westinghouse, WAA or the Homewood Childrens Village should be on call. Westinghouse also has the Heinz fellows. Seem like a lot of help available there.

At Milliones U-Prep, it should be HDEC and what about the partnership with Pitt? Are they involved? What is the role of Pitt? Are they a presence in the building?

Caring about the success of these schools is critical? Does the Central Office know about the situation? Are they assisting? Do the students have schedules? What kind of an orientation was provided? How many new teachers are there?. What kind of preparation was provided/

Lots of question, but answers will identify the specifics of the problem. More parents and community in the building may just add to the confusion depending on the source of the problem.

Be more specific about what is happening, if you can 8:41. Your honesty and your plea are appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Based on what I've heard (and a comment from what sounds like someone from city police on another thread), this is someone from Westinghouse.

They've been in school for 2 weeks now and the reports are bad. Fighting in school, fighting on the streets out of school, kids roaming the halls, etc.

Anonymous said...

Many people are not aware of the fact that in previous years principals were awarded bonuses on the progress of the students. The teachers did not share in any of the monetary awards given to the people at Central Admin or the admin in the building. Most teachers didn't even get a "thank-you" lunch. In the newspaper articles there is no mention of this at all.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:34 I am sure there was at least one principal who at least let the bonus he got "trickle down" to his staff. Perhaps, after a suitable period of rest and celebration, some recently retired teachers might post their experiences with enough detail that readers here might benefit.

Old Timer said...

I could relate a couple of stories of principals who accepted large monetary awards for work they did not do and then in the next breath turned around and put teachers who were responsible for a school's turn-around on "improvement plans" (the oblivion express).
There are only a handful of old guard principals left in this district, as the Roosevelt/Lane regime have done well in pushing in PELAs and pushing out true school leaders.
I won't be around as a teacher to watch where schools go when ALL of those in charge came through PELA/IFL brainwashing, and I can't say I'm disappointed about that.