Thursday, December 8, 2011

Board passes budget

It's strange that the article did not report what the vote on the budget was (ie, number for, against and abstaining).


Questioner said...

From the article:

"The study found that Pittsburgh had a better student-to-adult ratio in every category of employees but guidance counselors, which she said suggests that the district might see additional employee reductions beyond the 200 cuts this summer and more than 400 expected in 2012."

- It would be helpful to actually see this study- does anyone have a link to it?

Anonymous said...

"Total enrollment has dropped by more than 2,200 students since 2007 as state education funding has shifted to charter schools that continue to attract families. Charter schools are funded by payments from the district where the student resides

Read more:"

What appened to the Pittsburgh Promise increasing enrollment? I understand Charter schools qualify, but it is still a decrease.

Was this meeting taped or minutes available?

Questioner said...

There was a stenographer at the meeting so a transcript should be posted.

The Promise may well have increased total public school enrollment, ie total PPS PLUS CHARTER enrollment.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Or, (half empty / half full) ....

What would be the enrollment of PPS if there was NOT any Pgh Promise scholarship fund?

Anonymous said...

Has there been a budget breakdown on central office staff?

Anonymous said...

check out the tribune review's reporting of the approved 2012 budget.

Read more: Pittsburgh school board OKs deep cuts, axes 400 jobs - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Vote went 7-2, both Brentley and Holley voting against the budget.

"The board has said some of the 400 job cuts will be made through retirement and attrition."

Attrition is the wearing down or weakening of resistance, especially as a result of continuous pressure or harassment.

I believe that this is a serious infraction against labor laws, civil rights and the PA Constitution and US Constitution, which the board swears an oath to uphold.

And where does our union stand in all of this, Nina? Please, I'd like to know! Oops, you were the architect of RISE and VAM now, weren't you! I'll be seeing you in court with my personal attorney!

one pissed-off union paying teacher praying that PA adopts the right to work law so I don't have to pay to bend over and get screwed by union leadership. I rather get paid to bend over and get screwed by my employer. At least I get paid not robbed!

Sorry if I offended anyone.

Anonymous said...

Agreeing with Anon on attrition-- we have elaborate bullying curriculum and policies to protect students and this is good- but the last two years have created bullying in the workplace by adminsitrators, with union being in agreement. Many teachers will tell you that RISE feels like the very bullying we dont want for our students.

Seen it All said...

anon 5:11

"Attrition" can mean the wearing down of your opponents. But in business it has a gentler meaning. It means leaving a job opening unfilled.

For example, suppose a person retires, but no one is hired to fill his/her position. The employer has just cut one job through attrition.

Of course, that is still not a good thing. The remaining employees must do more because there are now less workers.

This type of attrition is distasteful, but it's perfectly legal.

Now, what's NOT legal is how the PPS supervisors are targeting older teachers. The board is trying to save money by forcing the older and more expensive teachers out.

This is not just my guess. It's a fact, told to me in confidence. But you'll never see this plan in writing because it's so illegal.

The union sould be screaming bloody murder about this. But they just stand by and let it happen

Anonymous said...

I have seen older teachers targeted. These were teachers that were always good teachers but they didn't want to be robots. As to the Union, they long ago stopped being an advocate for teachers. They too busy getting their pictures taken with the Aspen Institute.

Anonymous said...

Seen It All

I agree. My point is that PPS central office/Broad/Gates view teachers (especially the experienced teachers)as their opponents/adversaries. Therefore, will reduce the number of teachers through unrelentless pressure, harassment, and fabrications until they qive up by resigning or retiring earlier. The minute money saved by attrition then can be spent hiring more nonteachers at a higher pay and benefits to facilitate the unrelentless pressure, harassment, and fabrications; known as RISE and VAM, to further focus teachers in order to keep them in line.

Welcome to the 'new age of tyranny and suppression.'

"Give me liberty or give me death."

Any PPS teachers/counselors and other staff visiting this site I have a question that I'd like you to ask yourselves; "Are you better off now then you were four years ago?"

Mark Sammartino for PFT President.

Tell the AFT/AFL-CIO that you had enough of their politics. Opt out of the contributions to elections fund and vote for Mark Sammartino. Stand tall and proud with him.