Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Certain sports at some schools may join WPIAL

From the PG:


Anonymous said...

Allderdice sure has alot of sports going to the WPIAL.

Anonymous said...

Allderdice has more kids than any of the other high schools, correct?

Old Timer said...

Note to Mark: when your swim and soccer teams are getting crushed in the WPIAL next year, make sure you stop by and tell us what a great deal it is for the players.
This is the most ludicrous, downright stupid idea that has ever come down the pike and again, the city AD is showing that he is nothing approaching his predecessors George Cupples and Bob Pajak.
Pure grandstanding. Pure stupidity.
(And that they are not making the one sport that could provide competition--basketball--should be all the more mind numbing)

Anonymous said...

"This is the most ludicrous, downright stupid idea that has ever come down the pike"

Hahahahaha. I assume that you only mean in athletics? Here's a whole blog devoted almost in its entirety to the ludicrous stupidity of this district and this is what you worry about? Heh.

Honestly? I'd love to have seen my kids compete like that -- and yes, even if they're getting trounced initially.

Old Timer said...

First off, maybe you've noticed that I have checked in about the idiocy of the district. Point taken.
Secondly, as a lifelong athlete and coach, please explain to me what your kids are going to get out of being continually hammered. What's the message they are getting...and I mean, real world message, not the Rocky meets Knute Rockne idea of working hard, yadda, yadda, yadda.
If you're going to make a move like this, then energize the base, too. Build a program from the ground up.
If Dice is going to compete against Quad A schools that have players that have been working hard together since middle school, what is the outcome going to be?
No, it's not all about winning, but you know, losing consistently isn't teaching positive lessons, either, at least not when the deck is stacked against you.
Just a mind numbing, insane idea.

Spirit of '76 said...

I was taken aback by the failure to bring basketball into this picture, as well. Since it doesn't make sense, let's assume that once again there is some backroom wheeling and dealing that we just aren't privy to. What a surprise.
I have to agree that parent's words ring hollow. I would wonder what he'd say if he were at a school that annually wins no games or 1 game. And I will be interested to see what the reaction of the Dice softball team, for instance, when they have put together a couple of 1-15 or 0-16 seasons. Maybe in fairy tales, the team will feel that much motivation to go out over the off season and prepare for next year, but it is doubtful.
As it is, this really amounts to an absurd plan, which is standard fare.

Like every other decision in this district, here's to karma.

Anonymous said...

Score of a recent game Middle school girls' basketball

Obama 43
Montessori 2

Do middle school kids play against teams outside PPS where they might get a taste of losing to learn the lessons of graciousness in defeat?

Spirit of '76 said...

Your point loses me, anon. 43-2? Are you implying that just by the score, there must have been some lack of class displayed? You were there, then, right?
So your point is that a school that has a good basketball team deserves its comeuppance?
Solid reasoning.
Wow, where do you people come from?

Anonymous said...

Blogging does not allow for a great deal of discussion, but the biggest point of all is about the development needed in MS or earlier to field good teams who understand sportsmanship. We need better spectators too. Note to students: take your ipods out and don't dance during the national anthem.

Mark Rauterkus said...

School newspaper account:


Mark Rauterkus said...

Pgh Obama boys and girls swim team beat Bishop Canevin in our first meet of the season. Close meet for the girls.

Our swim team won't get crushed -- and will do very well -- in the AA classification.

If we had a tad of support, we'd thrive.

And it isn't stupid to phase in the move, school by school, sport by sport. This is what I had hoped would have happened as part of the reform committee. But, other minds said it was impossible. Giggles.

So, what you predict is already proven to be wrong.

The basketball and football decision is a head scratcher for me at this point.

Of course, the concept of building a program from the ground up is strongly supported by me too.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Come out to support our PPS students, tonight, 7 pm, Peabody High School. Also at 2 pm on Saturday.

The Pgh Obama One Act Plays.

Hear parts of it are very funny. Should be great entertainment. Plenty of $5 tickets at the door.

Anonymous said...

The Eagle: what a fantastic site. Thanks.