Friday, December 9, 2011

Review of "Teaching America"

A new book about civics education, reviewed by the WSJ:

Civics education is an area that has been improving in PPS in recent years. Maybe, eventually, there will be an effect on PPS itself.


Anonymous said...

"Civics education is an area that has been improving in PPS in recent years."

It has? I'd love to know about it, not having seen evidence in my very small family sample size.

Old Timer said...

This is a hoot. Between being politically correct to ensure literally everyone is shown to have had some sort of huge role in our country, to brainwashing kids about events, we have taught kids what to think...and not how to think for themselves.

Anonymous said...

I taught civics education last year in PPS. I still have no idea who the supervisor was-never saw or heard from him/her and never received a curriculum from anyone.

Anonymous said...

That's how you can tell it's not tested on the PSSA!

The curriculum should be online (accessible to teachers), but good luck with finding it or figuring it out what they want exactly. However, another social studies teacher would have been the smart person to ask! Also, there are PDs and trainings, but you have to be on the mailing list. If you were a long-term sub, none of that is accessible easily and you have to know who to ask and what to ask for -- which is a little hard if you're new!