Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Proposed next round of budget cuts

From the PG:



Anonymous said...

With all these budget cuts, Why is the district hiring. Yesterday the district sent out an E-mail stating that they were hiring a (Workforce Management Specialist)
More HR, you got to be kidding me!

Anonymous said...

I know it is a very small thing, and certainly students will survive without baseball and softball and it is true every local community has a youth program and the city does a BIG bang-up job with those games. However, some kids can't even afford the small cost associated with signing up.

Anonymous said...



Listen to Linda Lane and her ake on the cuts:

Education Cuts with Linda Lane
Essential Public Radio

Cuts in the state education budget have drastically impacted Pittsburgh Public Schools. With more on the horizon, Superintendent Linda Lane talks about her ...

Anonymous said...

Speaking of budget cuts, why haven't the February legislative minutes been posted on the district website? Did PPS already cut the person responsible for this task? If the operation of Central Office was surveyed, they would receive a failing grade in the area of informing the public in a timely manner.

Anonymous said...

It seem like they may have gone back to the previous procedure of posting all the minutes to the site on the day of or day before the upcoming agenda review date. Somebody recently suggested there may be editing but I have never noticed that. However, once I did notice a "slice" in a televised replay.

Anonymous said...

NO published February Board Minutes for public consumption on web site.—but hard copies sitting around Board Offices at 341 Bellfield Avenue.

Especially sitting arounf in stakes waiting to collect dust.
Under Staff Heading on Brd web site -the February list of school retirees –a much longer list.
They seem to be holding back on this one.

Anonymous said...

YES, job postings. One should look at all the job postings.
New postings it seems for HR at the Board-adding more to the department. I can understand some of the teacher summer work.
But---all the summer postings for the Eddie Jones Dreamers Academy.
They should have cut the funding for this summer program and saved money this year.

Rumors want the Summer Dreamers Eddie Jones around longer-they will make sure he gets a job at the Board-in an HR position-while others are unemployed.

I had to confront him as parent regarding his handling of students at one site. He was not receptive to me. But, was afraid when it came to racial concerns of one parent-he was beet red. Yet, we as parents were all united about the same racial concerns and the disparity.
y son’s friend was being mistreated-and we knew it should not be based on race. He could not listen to all parents-just the parent he thought would hurt his program. Yet, we were all one on the same page-all races talking as a unit..

Many parents including myself are very disturbed with the rationale to keep him and this program going at the cost of taxpayer money. The cost of 35 in a class and the cut of services-the etc in elementary schools.

This is not about teaching and summer fun-it is all about placing money and extra money in the pockets of certain teachers and keep Eddie Jones employed. Only the activities are good for the kids.

Anonymous said...


Teacher buyouts: A sign of the times

Late last year, Pittsburgh Public Schools approved a buyout plan that would offer some teachers almost 70% of their pay, plus severance, over eight years.

Anonymous said...

I agree with cutting some paras.They really dont do as much more then they are required I watch them through out the day stuffing envelopes (seniors who have study hall can do) take an hour lunch (when they get 30 min). Some are gost employes that they burn more energy finding nothing to do

Anonymous said...

It's all who you kno at bell field . If you watch the board meetings add up the five people's salaries that sit around dr.lane .cut 3 of them and they would save close to 500.000.how many teachers jobs that would save.

Anonymous said...

The Feb. minutes are on the website.

Anonymous said...

The cut list should be made public soon. They already know who will be getting pink slips. Once you see who it is, you will not be suprised. Its a real sad day in Pps history.

Anonymous said...

THANKS about the February Board minutes.

As a parent they are still wasting money by still hiring for the summer Dreamers Academy. Dreamers should be cut.

The kids are not psyched or planning on it-as they gleefully state via Lane.

Parents need to question their kid’s Principal ASAP-to find out what is exactly being cut in their individual schools.

Dreamers should have never been funded with all that is going to come down-the teachers that opt to work in this program should look themselves in the mirror and think how greedy can one be-because if things hold as Lane stated we are looking at 350 professionals cut for September.

Are parents wrong when we feel that every penny counts?

Cutting Dreamers could have saved some jobs-every job counts.

Anonymous said...

I believe Dreamers was yet another separately funded program. That is they took outside money (and maybe matched with some of our own, as a prerequisite to getting the funding) that could only be used for this program. I believe that all of the funding is gone after this year.

They've been doing this since Roosevelt got here.

Have any of these outside programs really been so effective? Worth millions, tens of millions spent?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of "cuts"

Nothing new in the paper regarding Fadzen. I wonder if they met this week or a settlement is in the works?

Randall Taylor said...

The cutting of Summer School MUST be pulled from the table. That is simply not an option.
The ending of Summer School will lead to guaranteed drop-outs. I hope that proposal is pulled before anyone really knows that it was proposed.

Anonymous said...

Are they really cutting the real Summer School and keeping the Summer Dreamers as a go?

Summer School is not cut when it comes to ESY.

Secondary Summer School jobs were posted for teacher s to apply.

I agree Secondary Summer School should not be cut-because it is about drop-outs and kids making it to a diploma.

Summer Dreamers Academy K-8 should have been pulled if PPS matched funds for this over rated program. The matched funds should be going to Secondary Summer School.

As a parent the Board needs to look at this long and hard-where the Summer School helps the most -in critical areas-the drop outs studentd.

Ronda said...

i don't think all the budget cuts are a good idea. i never saw any good come out of cutting it

Movaly said...

The cut list should be made public soon. They already know who will be getting pink slips. Once you see who it is, you will not be suprised. Its a real sad day in Pps history.