Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"10 things you should never say to your kid's teacher"

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I came across something fun to read on yahoo during my morning scan.

This is for my teacher friends.

The tides are changing? I hope so, but the change is slow and too late for me.


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Sorry, I forgot to include the yahoo address in my post.

"10 things you should never say to your kid's teacher."

Anonymous said...

Just received a robocall from Linda Lane welcoming back students and instructing families to which school their children will attend.

I live in Beechview, less than a block away from Brashear, and I was just informed that my children will attend Carrick High. I literally can slide down the hill and be at Brashear in matters of a second and my children must attend Carrick? Say WHAT?!! This is insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does this mean that my school board representative is now Jean Fink and not Sherry Hazuda?

Anonymous said...

I received a letter that says PPS always puts kids first.

Anonymous said...

No, Ms. Hazuda is still your representative. Maybe there should not be area representation, make it all at-large. I don't have any kids in high school but I knew about these feeder pattern changes which were a big topic of discussion among my neighbors for a while. There were events and meetings to promote a smooth transition of the merging of Langley kids into Brashear, was anything done for the carrick/brahsear kids?

Anonymous said...

We have probably all had many chances to observe behaviors and incidents that we could add to a "Do Not Repeat These Mistakes" file so here is one worth sharing:

Do not disparage your child's teacher in your child's presence.

Once a Mom got way over the top at the bus stop about a grade her daughter got on a test and called the teacher every name in the book and assigned every mental disorder to her, all while the daughter and all the other kids at the stop could hear. That 3rd grader had to go to school and be in the classroom with the woman the Mom verbally ripped apart. By the end of the year guess who the little girl named as her favorite teacher?

Anonymous said...

Is there an identity crisis here? The names of newly configured schools are confusing. Will the buildings always carry the suffix denoting their grades, such as Langley K-8? Will the IB school be "Obama Academy at Peabody"? Now that we are partially WPIAL we could win a few games by throwing the bus companies off when they deliver the opposition to the wrong buildings, say a reizenstein stop?

In all the back-to-school rhetoric, including the "put kids first" theme, is there any suggestion that kids put their education ahead of other activities?

Anonymous said...

Can a parent say, I think a police officer was wrestling with my 11 yr in a broom closet in his boxer shorts? At that moment do I tell the teacher or the principal? My money is on the teacher because he/she would file a report required by law. I am afraid that it would be blocked. I seriously do not think kids are safe at PPS.

It is all PR.