Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Schenley investigation petition reaches 400

Those who would like to see an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the closing of Schenley should visit

to add their voices to this effort (or go to and browse Schenley).

(Or go to and browse for Schenley.)


Anonymous said...

I don't mean any disrespect, but this petition seems rather useless.

I'm quite certain that the Board will not be moved by 400 - or 4000 - electronic signatures.

But if 400 - not 4000, but 400 - concerned, vocal, and informed voters were to show up at the next Board meeting, that would really mean something!!!

And if those 400 voters continued to politely protest at every Board meeting, then you can bet that change would be in the air.

The media would begin to cover this, and current Board members would begin to worry about their image.

To all those who signed the petition: You talked the talk. Are you willing to walk the walk?

And to Questioner: Who would be best able to organize this? You, perhaps?

Questioner said...

There are so many ways the petition can be used. For starters, it is educational. Many people still think there is a lot of asbestos at Schenley; or, they do not know that there is now evidence that there is little asbestos at Schenley. Also the comments are powerful, show the breadth and depth of support for Schenley and let people know that many others share their views. Media interviews are already being done and links shared with those who can make a difference. The more signatures and thoughtful comments the better.

Anonymous said...

It is counterproductive not to agree with 11:56.

Of course there are many ways that a petition can be used; but isn't the purpose to stop the sale of Schenley?

11:56 is right, even 4,000 signatures and thoughtful comments (no quotation marks to convey ridicule to you) will not be enough. Words and signatures do not replace action! Nor does breadth and depth!

Who are those who can make a difference? It will take such people to stop the sale of Schenley.

Questioner said...

The idea is not for words and signatures to replace action, but to be used in conjunction with action. Words plus action produce results.