Monday, October 15, 2012

Schenley petition

Kathy Fine's signature brings the number to 250 since the petition went out on Thursday.  Please keep it up- more signatures = more strength!

Kathy's comment:

Kathryn Fine
Pittsburgh, PA
We have to redirect the misinformed reform of our schools and save our public school assets before it is too late. Schenley is just the tip of the iceberg!

To sign, go to

 Or go to and browse for Schenley


Questioner said...

Can it reach 500 within a week's time? It is beginning to look like it might.

Anonymous said...

I just posted this to a couple of Schenley Alum Facebook pages. You'll have 500 signatures...guaranteed.

Questioner said...

Up to 350- please continue to spread the word.

Here's a great recent comment by petitioner April Weitzel that helps explain why so many people still care so much about this school and this building:

"The school had a magic about it that bred tolerance and acceptance regardless of race, religion or sexual origin. As an alumni of Schenley High School, I can not explain exactly why that building enabled students to thrive and excel. Perhaps it was the large windows of natural light or maybe it was the unique triangle shape of the building. Yet again, it could have been the knowledge that we all had a chance to be great because greatness walked the halls we walked and sat in the classes we sat in – Andy Warhol, George Benson, Derrick Bell, Bruno Sammartino, Dejuan Blair, etc."

- Could the magic return? Absolutely- it is not dependent on having any particular program in the building. The programs that were in place in 2008 were not the same as those in 1988; programs chosen in 2032 will most likely be different from those chosen in 2012. Regardless of the program, imagine the outpouring of alumni and community support a revived Schenley would receive.

Questioner said...

Looking back- a quote from a Post Gazette article almost 5 years ago:

"Nick Lardas, an Oakland parent whose younger children are in international studies programs, said the group needs to see whether Schenley is in an emergency or whether it is being used to push through high school reforms without adequate public comment."