Sunday, November 25, 2012

PPS leadership

On another post Anonymous wrote:


All of the research supports the comments of this experienced teacher from Pittsburgh Public Schools.

It is time that both PPS Administration and the Pittsburgh Post Gazette begin to seriously look into the obvious legitimacy and credibility of these comments. 

This city cannot afford to ignore the obvious for the sake of our children's and the city's future. 

Educators, philosophers, psychologist support the critical nature of experience to the success of our educational system. 

Mountains of accumulated evidence are incontrovertible at this point in time. We, as a citizens, as a community cannot and must not continue to ignore the decline of education in Pittsburgh Public Schools. 


Questioner said...

The above post may refer to this additional letter to the editor:

Questioner said...

Anonymous said... all honesty, how do you start this? It has to be from a parent group. A+ Plus schools certainly won't bite the hand that feeds them. How has this happened in other cities?

Anonymous said...

The letter delivered a very powerful message. I doubt that the administrators want the district to do poorly but may not bring the skills to the table to generate consistent improvement. The time in from of a classroom for instance. That builds skills and a deeper understanding of a subject that can come from reading students' faces.