Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Schenley petition at 700

Number 700 wrote:

I graduated from "Dear Schenley High". It is a wonderful building and a landmark. I am sure there could be some use for it for the children. Just don't sell it (to UPMC). thank you & good luck!


Anonymous said...

So the Schenley petition is at 700. I salute those who care.

But the powers that be at the Board will just yawn, or maybe even giggle a little. What do 700 or 7000 electronic signatures mean to them? Nothing.

It's like getting a forwarded email. It means nothing. Now if 70 - not 700, but 70 - people would protest in front of the Board of Education building, that would mean something.

And no, I don't buy the theory that an internet petition is just the start of something big. It's not. Either protest on the sidewalk at Bellefield, or don't. That's all that matters.

Questioner said...

The first step in gathering 70 or more people to show up at Bellefield is to let people know what is happening. It is surprising how many people still thought, prior to reading the petition, that the schenley plaster has a lot of asbestos, or even that the building had already been sold! Another step, accomplished through the comments, is letting people know that lots of other people share their concerns about schenley. And finally, the petition provides a good way to invite everyone to show up. So sign on!

Anonymous from 11:02 PM said...

"The first step in gathering 70 or more people to show up at Bellefield is to let people know what is happening."

That is an excellent point!

My fear is that most petition signers will just congratulate themselves for signing, and then do nothing more.

The current PPS administration is imperial in its outlook. It will take real in-your-face action to get their attention.

If this activity stops at the petition stage, then everyone involved has just fooled themselves.

But if it leads to something more, much more, then the children of PPS will be the ultimate winners.

Questioner said...

Don't worry it won't stop at the petition stage.