Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Closing schools 4 choice and excellence

On another post Anonymous wrote:

New Post:
Time to start thinking about more schools closing in 2015! This blog post by EdShyster "Closing Schools 4 Choice (and excellence) is meant to be funny but it is ALL TRUE. http://edushyster.com/?p=2097

The esteemed Broad Foundation developed a School Closure Guide based, in part, on the wonderful work of PPS in 2005. The school closure guide gives details on how to close schools, while at the same time making the community believe that it is in the best interest of students. No kidding!

A must read! According to the timeline, PPS is already well into the planning process to close schools and will start letting us know real soon.


Questioner said...

"Choice" and "excellence" were favorite words of MR as well.

Anonymous said...

It is great satire. Too bad PPS graduates will not know what that means.

Anonymous said...

Love the comment 1:43. With no sarcasm intended, it summarizes the "state of the district." Sad.

Anonymous said...

I am still reading but am totally astounded at the handbook and have to wonder which parts pps contributed to most. Rand developed the School Performance Index while working closely with pps, right? Amazing detail in so few pages.

Anonymous said...

2015 is still being touted as "The year PPS will be broke," and STILL....STILL.....not one word of streamlining the out of control list of administration in the district.
Not one word.
How in the word can this "superintendent" get away with lopping off 300+ teachers, countless janitors, secretaries and tech people---and not one administrator this past year???
Now, we are heading toward another date with destiny and again, we will get another chance to watch Lane protect her own>
She would rather lop off more teachers.
She would rather eliminate pensions.

How can this district have over 700 administrators who AREN'T in the classroom? How can it continue to justify such outrageous expense?

Why no outcry?
Where is Eleanor Chute with the questions?

Anonymous said...

Ms. Chute does not ask questions (of relevance)but simply rephrases the printed script from central office.

Anything that controversial is not addressed or reported. Rarely is any issued explored from a 'different' point of view. Sometimes opposition is quoted, but never explored for substance.

Questioner said...

Wonder why that is. Does the pg see itself as a cheerleader for Pps and therefore for pittsburgh? Is the most important thing to not air dirt laundry?

Anonymous said...

The whole thing is kind of like with the mayor. No one would say he wasn't very good until he was on the way out. See today's City Paper and Post Gazette editorial from a day or two ago. Would they have been written if he was still running?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous March 6, 2013 at 4:35 PM

An excellent and amazing analogy-we need a fair and honest objective approach no matter of the status and position.

We need more of input as previous bloggers and yourself display to be more favorable for all.