Saturday, March 16, 2013

State finanical watch list

On another post Anonymous wrote:

Included the last article because there is a quote from PPS's spokesperson Ebony Pugh. Seems out of context for the article because there is no other mention of PPS in the piece. Brings up question: is PPS on the radar to be placed on this list with their pending financial crisis?


Questioner said...

Maybe a merger of Wilkinsburg and PPS school districts is in part another attempt to try to fill the Westinghouse building.

Anonymous said...

Wilkinsburg (just as Duquesne) is determined to keep its own School District.

There is NO advantage to joining Pittsburgh Public Schools. NONE!

Anonymous said...

Someone correct Ebony's amnesia. Clear back to 2006-07 when Pittsburgh ran Duquesne the business office put a plan together on what would need to be done in event of a merger with Wilkinsburg, Duquesne, Sto-Rox, etc.

Anonymous said...

Are you trying to say that there is an advantage for anyone of these districts to join Pittsburgh? Now or in 06-07? Please explain.

How did Pgh help Duquesne a few years back when PPS was sent over there?

The achievement in many of PPS schools is among some of the worst schools/districts in the state (as listed by PDE).

Anonymous said...

1:44, Duquesne Schools did not ask for any help from PPS, it was the state that did that.

None of these districts want a merger with PPS.

Anonymous said...

Not suggesting that any district would be better off merging with PPS, simply pointing out that PPS spokesperson is outright lying when she says that they don't know what the impact or process would be.

The PPS central overhead structure and poor academic initiatives frighten neighboring districts. Everyone takes note when PPS leadership teams fail to attend free training and technical assistance.