Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Problems at Perry

On another post Anonymous wrote:

The enclosed is a very sad story for Perry Traditional-why? student-to-perform-lap-dances-in-class/

This should be another entry

In so many words, did the Police help save the current Perry Principal’s job for now? They should not have to be going to this level-when she should be visible and doing her job. This is a disgrace to our community. This should have never happened in the first place!

This Principal is not a person that deserves to lead this transition of two schools. This is just one of the many issues at Perry and many parents feel for the students that it is time for a change. As well as, the Perry teachers need a leader.

If you really read this article-this shows some points that question how this could happen in school-even if true or not true-it just shows that this Principal has the wrong consecutiveness for leadership-her own consecutiveness-is look at me and me-me.

With the so-called great transition for two high schools into one-Where in the world was the famed Principal in charge-of this school?

As a parent, I have many questions of her tactics to be visible as a disciplinarian of teachers and students. She allowed this to happen on her watch-many just feel she needs demoted to another job. Many parents and students question her over-self-concern with herself-even with this ongoing investigation-they state she was more into her image and relationships with the law enforcement to preserve her image even to a point that would be need to be questioned of another 33 year old into oneself.
Many parents are irate with her own personal background and agenda. She lacks very serious organizational, leadership disciplining roles. This did not happen at another school-this Principal allowed this school to slide down to this level-to a decline level of disgrace.

The Pittsburgh Police got her out of this mess-if Fadzen was here-this would have been dealt with in a better. Moral is bad for the teachers and student.
This teacher resigned and is no longer employed. Thank heavens!

Where was the Principal?

There are other chaotic iisues and disaray at this building!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Why is the Perry principal being bashed? Would you be more specific about your complaints/issues revolving around her? When she was a V-P at Allderdice, she definitely was a disciplinarian.

When I read the latest charges about the teacher, my first thought was "lap dances" in class? I am assuming that class is co-ed? Wouldn't someone tell somebody if lap dances were being ordered in class? This just sounds unbelievable. And the teacher and student leaving the building during the school day - unless the teacher had the last period free, how could he leave - go home - and return to school? Don't teachers have to sign out at the end of the day? This whole story stinks.

And regarding the principal, where are her vice-principals? What are they doing to help maintain the school?
I think it was a (another) bad idea when Lane and Co. decided to combine Perry and Oliver.

Anonymous said...

There have been several false reports in the news lately - the girl who saw a student getting off a school bus and dragged into a van - the pregnant woman attacked at a bus stop - turned out to be false. Let's give this teacher his day in court before we start crucifying him and the Perry principal.

Station 4 reported that he dropped the student off at the shelter where she was residing, and she was intoxicated and had to go to the hospital. Who in their right mind would drop off an intoxicated student at home/shelter? Maybe she had been with another student? Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Hmm in the era of laptop luggin admin, and hs kids who chatter , RISE, etc. how could this happen in a classroom during school time?

Anonymous said...

Thank you 12:12 PM. If this is true or even not true=Hello PPS parents and ADM-what was this Principal doing to miss the signs with RISE, etc.

This school has excessively many issues. Given the events of the last few weeks regarding this story people need to be examining and scrutinize-why this new hire was not being observed as a teacher even as early in September. He should have been under her wings. Is she not smart enough to go into the classroom and observe him as a CTE teacher? She just lacks the right stuff to run a school. This school needs a Principal that will rise above the rest. Even if it were fear in the steps of discipline would have stopped this stuff from the start-she should have the judgment skills as well to observe this teacher’s behavior in the class as well as in meetings. She was too busy smiling and acting like a Desperate Housewife trying to run a school in transition.

Yes, this is what it appears to many as her tactics of her image of herself. Yes, many want Cranshaw in here to clean things up.

If this teacher has students assigned to outside agencies as their homes-she should have been facilitating this new hire. Etc.
Sorry, she lacks the skills to be an administrator-delegating authority can bite you in the behind if you do not have a chain of command that starts from the top-immediate action must happen and –immediate action has to happen to recover this mess-as well as the mess of testing scores..
There are no excuses for this even to be in the news with false information. We as parents need the school cleaned up from the top to bottom. This is criminal in nature-yes-it happens in other schools over the country. However, in a school with no management of the teachers and students.
People want the Principal Cranshaw to come here to clean this up. This teacher would have been never allowed in the building as a teacher on her staff to start-she would have eyed him for what he is before he could work for her.

But, the kick is we want here to go from the district and not sent up into ADM acting in any capacity just like other Principals are sent to the high heel heaven running around acting important without responsibility.

Anonymous said...

And 12:12, with everybody taking cell phone videos and posting them online these days, you would think there would be a video of a lap dance in class!

Anonymous said...

Be careful what you wish for when you ask for Crenshaw...

When incidents/alleged incidents happen in schools, the people in charge at Bellefield determine the plan of action. Principals aren't allowed to take the initiative to act alone. Why do you think we have so many big wigs at Bellefield making the big money? They are calling the shots.

We certainly aren't privy (privacy - personnel issues) to what went on before this supposed incident. Maybe he was targeted and observed. We don't know for sure. Anyway, let's see if the allegations are true first.

Anonymous said...

ANON 12:12, 12:53 and 12:56 PM

Yes, the cell phones and the school video security at the school-are the evidence available to police?

Just the fact to have this story starting inside the walls of Perry true or not true-just shows the chaos inside Perry to allow students run this building and not the truth surface.

This school is such a mess.
Where in the world do they get the principals? This one must have connections. She was not so hot at Taylor-it just her image she created about herself. Taylor had issues when she was there in charge of the 12th grade-she was there when the kids staged the famed fight in Taylor.

Msny are calling her the "Accidental Principal"-similar to the "Accidental Mayor"

This is the issue in some of the cases on how people acquire jobs-through coonection to move up the lasser with no no expereience under thier belts.

Anonymous said...

Where to begin....first, the allegations being made here (without a shred of offered evidence) are not only convoluted and ambiguous, they border on being downright libelous. A few of the posts here, including the original, are so poorly written that the underlying message is difficult to even decipher. For example, I must ask--what in the WORLD is consecutiveness? If one is going to accuse the Perry principal of having it, at the very least DEFINE it. Additionally, what, pray tell, does this even mean: "she was more into her image and relationships with the law enforcement to preserve her image even to a point that would be need to be questioned of another 33 year old into oneself. " I've read it a half dozen times and still can't unravel it.

Let's talk in terms of facts. The original poster makes some serious accusations, most of which for the life of me I can't imagine have any relevance to the Michael White story. How, exactly, did the Pittsburgh Police save this principal's job? The leap of logic here truly spans a canyon. Next, the original poster states that this principal doesn't deserve to lead this school. Why? Where are your facts? Have you compared graduation rates in buildings? Have you seen the incredible environment change that's taken place since the successful cell phone initiative? (Yes, this principal addressed the issue of cellphones that is plaguing schools nationwide and met it head on--successfully!). Where is the bloodshed many predicted would occur when the schools merged? Oh wait--THERE WASN'T ANY!! In spite of her successes, the villagers are now marching with pitchforks demanding her demotion. ::shaking my head::

Before I leave an analysis of the post that launched this mess, I'd like to ask if we could examine the poster's use of the word "famed". That just smacks of a personal vendetta and, once again, lacks any factual evidence. Also, there is the accusation of relationships with law enforcement. Again I ask--evidence?? The post then goes from bad to worse when the writer alludes to the principal's background and agenda. What exactly is the inference here? What background ? Facts on a perceived agenda?

In another post, there is the assertion that RISE would somehow "out" a sexual predator. Unfortunately, RISE doesn't function in any psychic realm, providing super secret insights not visible to the naked eye. No number of observations in the world would have exposed this man's proclivity for teenage girls if, while being observed, he put on a dog and pony show for those in the peanut gallery.

Next, can anyone explain this: "If this teacher has students assigned to outside agencies as their homes-she should have been facilitating this new hire. Etc". I missed the interpreting literature class where the explication of such rote nonsense was addressed. What I can tell you is that the principal had NO PART in the hiring of the teacher in question. Principals are often made to deal with the hand they are dealt in terms of personnel. You want a lynch mob? Take it to Bellefield.

Finally, this principal didn't rise up through the ranks with any assistance. She worked as a classroom teacher at Oliver, put in time as a literacy coach, served as a vice principal in a number of locations, served as an acting principal, etc. before finally being given a building. She paid her dues.

So if anyone has facts...real facts...that link this principal to the mess created by Michael White, please share. In the meantime, the snarky "Desperate Housewives" type comments serve only to divide an already fragmented community.

Anonymous said...

Well put 4:23. I might add that the comment that Crenshaw "would have eyed him for what he is before he could work for her," is hilarious. Unbelievable. (12:53)

Anonymous said...

ANON 4:23 PM
Thus, your final statement elicits the true fact--comments serve only to divide an already fragmented community.
Yes, I agree with some of your statements as well as the other parents that posted. Perry is a fragmented community. There are great teachers there that need a better direction to make this work.
People can see both sides of this school-the test scores were horrible prior to the merger.
Now, we will see if a former Coach of literacy as a principal makes the scores POP-since you gave a more expertise of background. Many know great things as well as not so great things about the school.
Never make fun of other parents’ comments or their viewpoints if they differ from yours or lack of connectedness to yours.
Many parents gave this a solid chance-it continues to spiral-especially in test scores. Yet, the Principal is still there. I went there under the years it was prestigious and you were kicked out with the support of a strong Principal Aluise and staff.
Regarding this incident
Thus, we will now know why no cell phone streaming on YouTube. As the blogger stated.
We now have student stories as evidence in the classroom for this criminal case. This is where parents are concerned with the police-how will it be handled and with what merit. The police won’t be influenced by Pittsburgh Administration? The criminal complaint is extensive-with some of “he said and she said-as well as a student with a CRUSH on a teacher.
We have questioned other incidents that were critical incidents in the building and her concerns with getting rid of trouble incidents thus to make Perry look good on paper. And it is just the way things go in the district?
With your comments, she was handed this teacher in September with all the furloughs that were in the district. Makes no sense to parents. Majority of Principals interview their staff and that is procedural all year round.
But, I can see other parents views. They have their rights as well as us to speak.
As for the police-get the facts straight-this is criminal and it needs a day in court-but it was inside the school-this is where to look at the Boss-it is the Principal. It will be this teacher , school district, students testimony and other stuff into one.
Will this be a lawsuit smell for thus against the school-it is a sad mark on Perry-yes-many parents blame the boss and the teacher.
As for people commenting about her as a leader,the parents have a right.
Evidence needs to clear this school from this mess-we pray that the people in charge will clear the inside of Perry where learning should be going on in all parts of this school.

Anonymous said...

6:18--two comments. First, I wasn't making fun of the views in the initial post. It was so poorly written that I was unable to follow any logic there. Had it been more cohesive so as to have made an educated argument, I may have poked a little fun, but honestly--I couldn't, in spite of a glorious effort, make heads or tails out of any of it. Second, I had to stifle a giggle about the Patsy Aluise comment. Patsy was a great guy who fostered a "good old boys club" mentality in a MAGNET school, where he was able to exit misbehaving students. Times they are a changin' missus!

Where were all you doomsday prophets when Chakey was racking up a suspension rate that equated to this: if you were a child of color, there was over a 95% chance that you would be suspended. Yep. And not a PEEP from parents. Their test scores were atrocious, attendance was abysmal, and yet no doomsday prophets were posting asking for his head on a pole. Yet you move those kids to Perry ( or maybe you don't....oh yeah we will...wait, maybe we'll close Perry.....ok we'll close Oliver), and you want results that NO FORMER PRINCIPAL TO DATE HAS BEEN ABLE TO ACHIEVE.

Finally, cell phones were still in kids' hands when the alleged incidents took place. So quick you are to jump to conclusions. And yet, you still haven't given me a shred of evidence for the alleged chaos and disarray that supposedly exists. That's just so sad.

Anonymous said...

While this teacher was having all the allegations going on in his classroom at Perry and outside of Perry, the news media was being inundated daily with Lellock sexual abuse case. All over the news, was the Rooney Middle and Lellock.

Think about the fact this was supposedly going on within the same period. It starts with the top down, as the previous poster stated learning needs to be going on in the classroom. This is the third sexual abuse case in the Northern section of Pittsburgh Public Schools.

Horace Mann ‘s sexual abuse case before the school was closed permanently .

Second the Rooney
middle case.

And now Perry High School.

Think about the fact that the Perry administration and this teacher immune to think it cannot happen at Perry. Great no cell phones as evidence. The teacher probably got lucky here with shrewdness-no cell phone evidence, school security staff being ravaged with Lellock case, student testimony as reliable evidence for this case to place this teacher in jail. This teacher did not care he was a newly hired teacher that never really was thoroughly examined by the Board the Perry Principal. The Principal has right to no to their staff as to non-tenured teachers.

Yes, a lawsuit smells big as a roasted turkey with stuffing. This is going to blow up as a belly stuffed with too much Thanksgiving turkey.

Why, it starts with the teachin, learning and yes supervision of the teachers with the students.

Questioner said...

Anonymous wrote:

Anonymous said...

Where have you gotten the idea that the Perry staff and admin thought this couldn't happen at Perry? This could happen ANYWHERE (as evidenced by today's news about a Mt. Lebanon teacher). I would love to know what you think the principal could have/ should have done. Sexual predators are often charming and personable and deserve Academy Awards for their ability to pull the wool over everyone's eyes. This teacher was most certainly observed by building AND CTE admins. No one, including those who supported, and ultimately facilitated, his hiring saw signs of any predisposition to assault young girls. Again, as mentioned by a previous poster,, this principal probably had NO SAY in this hiring. CTE hiring is handled by the CTE offices.[Personal comment not relevant to the discussion deleted.]

Anonymous said...

ANON 10:15 PM

Please do not blame bloggers posting here about incidences that should be handled within Pittsburgh Public Schools.

Please do not give Oscar Performances as excuses for the rationale for predators-the students are our children, your children, my children in Pittsburgh Schools.

Do not bring about some van incident and other incidents that were proven false that police investigated somewhere else-in some other neighborhood.

I and We cannot control anywhere-we are here

We are here at Perry.

Students need to be safe in school. That is all parents have as their first concern.

First, this hiring process was done by CTE-you are now placing blame all over the place. You seem to know an awful lot about the teacher and observations, etc.
Your emotion for this Perry Administrator is way beyond loyalty. How many Principals wish they had that loyalty from their staffs like this previous poster?
Please many parents are very concerned because their children were a part of the population that were attending Horace Mann Elementary when that came out about the sexual abuse of their computer teacher in the past.
This happens to be the second such sexual predator incident in their school years of acquiring an education with Pittsburgh.
I really want to believe this did not happen inside the Perry classroom-that will really hurt the educational goals for all shot down the drain-and yes it starts at the top-and goes down the food chain of command of leadership.

Please, understand we are parents and we really want to believe the truth. And do not post things that are not relevant and deleted-this is the best blog for all and it gives a good assessment of life in our schools.
Pittsburgh school leaders-even the Principals have to take the blame in their hearts and souls-when something happens inside their building-we hope it is untrue. And we hope Pittsburgh Administration will allow the police do their jobs-tjis is neyond a critical incident tjat is kept inhouse.

Anonymous said...

Regarding asking "where was the principal" when this was going on at Perry - did anyone ask "where was the principal" when the CAPA teacher was walking out with laptops to support a drug habit? Also, Lellock was using a room at CAPA... Who hired her and failed to notice what was going on? How many laptops went out the door?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:17 AM

Subjectivity or Objectivity of 11:17 AM post concerning the Perry Principal’s keeps many going back to the original post and see the whys and the hang-ups on reputation by a person or poster that is determined to forget this is a separate criminal case. The poster wants us to speculate and question why the other Principals were or were not reprimanded.

11:17AM is playing a blame game.

This poster seems to have an invested interest with the reputation of this female Perry Principal, as well as, extensive knowledge base with PPS criminal t reports and the Pittsburgh Police handling of the incidents. This appears as a person very interested into the combination of the previous two stated variables to cry how dare people not question other Principals and not target this Principal regarding the Perry criminal incident.

Moreover, having all this information regarding all three criminal cases for comparison lumped into one makes many parents feel uneasy to see real justice serve for the upcoming crimes in court.

Most of all, they seem to want to deter and hurt other Principal reputations. Which, as a parent appears as very unprofessional and just keeps many more seeing the real-where is this Principal quote from other posters.

This becomes a very grave concern as a parent and taxpayer when all PPS criminal cases are treated as equal, especially when outside police sources are brought in. Even a more serious concern, a comparative analysis of cases regarding criminal incidences is not of the same value for open discussion.

We as parents have no idea where the Perry investigation is going.

As for Rooney Middle, that former Pittsburgh Principal followed procedure from what previous PTO parents stated and the Principal supported with school security documentation the criminal nature of that case. Nevertheless, there might have been issues from one level to another in ADM as many former PTO parents stated off the record in private discussions. The School ADM bucked board ADM. Apparently, both School ADM employees are not employed in PPS. This Rooney case is not just school related. But board related, which brings in another whole level of Administration that will be looked at.

This poster at 11:17 AM might have the board ADM looking at this Perry situation and might want to rid the school ADM. Therefore, it is best to document and document all incidences with proof and not have allegations ruin reputations of the school.

CAPA apparently made significant changes. The Principal shown her leadership The CAPA Principal is a well respected Principal and administrator throughout the community. The Principal has the respect of the parents and community with upmost decency as her core public reputation, especially with her handling of incidents, educational goals for student teaching and learning. She represents a good person with integrity that a student and parent can trust.

As one reflects regarding the crime at CAPA, the crime did not directly hurt any students with physical or sexual abuse. It was a not anyway similar to the Perry sexual crime case. As for the person, you mentioned assigned to a room there, one needs to talk with CAPA parents.

Many parents might see a desperate Principal or a poster wanting her to be treated special with using the following rationale: I am not the only PPS leader look at the other criminal cases or how dare we question the Perry leader. Look at others Principals. How dare you target me?

Anonymous said...

To poster at 5:55

As far as having "extensive knowledge base of PPS...", one only has to read the newspaper/TV reports to read/hear about what is going on/allegations in PPS schools. Poster at 5:55 mentions Perry, Rooney, and CAPA as if she/he has extensive knowledge of situations in these schools. Poster certainly praised the CAPA principal ("apparently made significant changes...") and seems to have knowledge of how she is received in the community, etc. I might add that the CAPA student body is certainly a different breed of cat so to speak than the general population of Perry and other PPS schools. One auditions to get into CAPA and if one doesn't follow rules/procedures, one can be returned to their home school - much like a private school. Other PPS schools are for the most part "stuck" with their students for better or worse.

Blame starts at the top and for PPS that is at Bellefield Ave.