Thursday, July 25, 2013

Former Westinghouse principal to head new Catholic school

On another post Anonymous wrote:


Kellie Abbott, former removed Westinghouse co-principal, has landed on her feet as the new principal/CEO of the new North Catholic high school being built in Cranberry. Here's another PPS administrator getting out of our great school system."


Anonymous said...

I imagine the competition for the position was tough. Imagine what they must have seen in her for her to get the job.

Anonymous said...

I don't know from personal experience, maybe someone who worked there at the time could comment. But I recall that she wasn't well thought of -- not visible or accessible to students or teachers. Perhaps the new position will make her more comfortable.

Anonymous said...

Comfortable was a good description, always! You will rarely find someone more comfortable and yet not be aware that the circumstances were anything BUT comfortable. She was scheduled to be teaching at Perry this year so this position will be much more comfortable in every way!

Anonymous said...

I would imagine the turmoil the 2 co-principals were thrust into at Westinghouse - no schedules, students who didn't belong sitting in classes, etc. would certainly make any administrator "uncomfortable." If you recall, Lane and Bellefield, had dropped the ball at Westinghouse. The mess was their fault, but the co-principals were the scapegoats.

Anonymous said...

There were actually 3 co-principals at W'house.

Schedules are a principal's job. How between the three of them they didn't figure out how bad that was going to be and manage to have some sort of schedule on that first day -- or demand that they not open for a week so that it could be arranged. That was their job!

Being in the halls between classes, sweeping the halls between classes, stopping fights and managing students? That's not the administration's job (though I blame them too and they got everyone into the fiasco), that's the job of the principal(s).

Anonymous said...

At Wednesday nite's Legislative Meeting the Board approved under New Business, a Resolution to renew "Success Schools" as consultants at M.L.King for $97,000 and $22,500 at Pittsburgh Milliones 6-12 for the following: “Success Schools shall provide (15) fifteen professional development and/or administrative planning days at the rate of $1,500 per session during the 2013-2014 school year."

Has achievement improved at either of these school?

It has been reported by admin at Milliones that achievement has dropped again this year!

The Human Resources Report also shows that three new District Administration positions were opened:
1)Chief of School Performance, and, 2) Assistant Superintendents (2) of School Performance

Anonymous said...

It is interesting that the 3 Westinghouse principals who were removed, one is the new North Catholic principal/CEO, Heath Bailey is the principal of Sto-Rox HS, and the third one is the new principal at Sci-Tech. They must have something going for them. I don't think it's fair to lay all the blame for the Westinghouse mess on them. That was a train wreck from the start. And remember that many of the students didn't want to be there, and Lane said they could transfer to the school in the hill after a month if they still didn't want to attend Westinghouse. Now how does anybody run a school with that start?

Anonymous said...

At 11:46, does this mean that there will now be four Assistant Superintendents?

Plus a new Chief of Performance in addition to the Chief of Academics?

That is SEVEN people in CHIEF of SUPERINTENDENT positions??? Oh my???

Lane, Lippert, May-Stein, Otuwa and three more---!

Everyone with certification (or NOT) should apply!1

Its the best job in town, with no accountability whatsoever!

Since all of the PSSA and Keystone scores are in Districts, how come we haven't heard anything?

Anonymous said...

It should be noted that Dr. Holley voted NO on the positions and explained why during discussion. Is it just me, a parent, who thinks it seems the filling of these positions coincides with the announcement of furloughs?

Anonymous said...

Yes, the students' PSSA scores were sent to the districts in early June.

Did all parents get their letters re:
student scores?

The letters to parents usually come with the students scores and then the district mails them out. did that happen in June?

The Principals at every school have the scores, so what is the verdict?

Anonymous said...

If the news is good there will be a press event. Just wait. I think analysis takes a lot longer than you think if the news is bad. There is much preparation to do if for instance the STAR schools didn't set the world on fire.

Anonymous said...

She was Irish-Catholic and a ND Grad...that's all that's needed with the diocese!

Anonymous said...

LOL, the district's loss is North Catholic's loss. Another reason not to send my kids to this new school.