Thursday, July 4, 2013

Summer programming

On another post Anonymous wrote:

The link above was a featured story on the pps website. Good luck to all the summer dreamers.


Questioner said...

So often what we see in terms of evaluating summer programming is mostly anecdotes. It would be good to have some good, un-massaged data; how do the grades and test scores of children who attend change if at all? How do they change relative to peers who do not attend? How does summer programming affect performance of the district as a whole?

Anonymous said...

It seems we might have heard board members ask for some of the same proof of success/progress.

Anonymous said...

How many hundreds of thousands will this cost? Which of the consultants will take on this task? And, will there be the inevitable spin?

(Of course this could be easily done in-house; but, no one in-house is capable of doing anything without a "consultant.")

Be careful what you ask for!

Anonymous said...

I understand the logic of keeping kids on track, and I do feel that we have definitely seen that in the exceptional child/ special education area --summer school has helped.
But there is so much to be said for exploring different subjects, accelerating learning, and just plain down time-- I worry that the moment we start measuring- we will be back to only doing what is measurable/ testable-- and the whole student will be lost in the process. It seems like PPS is trying to do this in the afternoons-- BUT again... when they start measuring.... This city has some outstanding athletic camps, music camps, PCA, etc. Some of these camps have gone on without MEASUREMENT for 40 years and parents seemed to see value in them.

Anonymous said...

It is disappointing though that parents who are sending students to schools such as Roosevelt, where the whole neighborhood is considered poor doesn't allow children who are on task in summer dreamers school. I hate to say it but it is really reverse discrimination when a "normal" kid is not allowed to attend even though the program wasn't full.

Anonymous said...

Coming late to the party and because it is summer this thread may get not more action, but can someone confirm the earlier post. If summer dreamers is not enrolled to capacity it doesn't seem right.