Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Investigation into money missing from anti bullying program

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KDKA investigation

Money missing from Anti-Bullying Program - a Mifflin PTO officer used some money for personal use. Even though the money came from an outside grant, wouldn't PPS still oversee this? This man had an ATM card attached to this grant that he used for personal gains. When you think about all the many grants attached to PPS, one has to wonder about who oversees them? This one was from Heinz, and apparently he was able to spend money without prior approval"


Anonymous said...

He was charged with 3 felony 3s. I guess Heinz endowment doesn't do background checks before giving out money or did someone in PPS vouch for him?

Anonymous said...

This grant was given with some fanfare and some press. Among parents the program was thought to be a sample for other schools to follow. Sorry it is now tainted.

Anonymous said...


He had money from Propel Charter also to help "sell" the idea of a charter school in Hazelwood to the residents. So he has a grant from Heinz Endowment for Mifflin PPS, and he is working to bring a charter into the area. What's wrong with this picture? And funds from these two groups are intermingled in his personal bank account. Oh, and A+ schools had nominated him for an award.