Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Extension for Mayor's task force

On another post Anonymous wrote:

"The Mayor's Education task force gets 3 additional months to conclude its work.


There is a paid mediator also."


Anonymous said...

Task "farce" will just be another mouthpiece for the board & Gates agenda. Peduto is already in cahoots with Bill Gates and task force is straight out of Gates play book.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the task force, when looking into the financial condition of PPS, will bother to address the fact that there are too many high paid chiefs, and not enough Indians... I highly doubt it! It's no coincidence that this task force was formed with the teachers' contract coming up and the Gates' money
threatened. And why do we need a paid mediator? This is more tax payer money wasted (unless he was paid with Gates' money).

PPS can easily save money - cut the top heavy staff at Bellefield, sell the Bellefield building, and put the remaining administrative staff in our occupied school buildings. With them in the buildings, they will be onsite to actually help with issues such as discipline, etc. Let them earn their salaries.

What is sad is that when Lane goes, Gates will have a groomed replacement ready to step in. PPS will never recover from its downward spiral. Parents in the know are getting their children out of PPS.

Anonymous said...

"sell the Bellefield building, and put the remaining administrative staff in our occupied school buildings"

11:58, that is a fantastic idea! There is actually no good reason for top administrators to be so far from the students they are suppposed to be serving. New Board members, are you listening?

And it would be a good idea if the PFT union offices were in the schools as well.

But in both cases, would the big shots want to mix with the common folks? Sadly, I think not.

Anonymous said...

You are right, the Broad trained Michiuex is most likely her successor.

Anonymous said...

Good article regarding this on Diane Ravitch Blog.


Anonymous said...

Will the task force look into no show jobs in the Pittsburgh Public Schools? There are central office people who supposedly work from home(really). There are ITL2s that teach half a day and then go home. I hear Lane is in favor of these positions but I wonder why. There is so much waste that needs to be investigated by the task force, the mayor and the state auditor general. Especially the state auditor general. Pittsburgh taxpayers need to know.

Anonymous said...

I saw Nina Visgitis is a task force member. Why? She lives in the North Hills. Why not look to City residents and taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

It still goes to the same two words every time and then at Questioner's discretion in posts.

Previously, the numbers and/or letters were different every time you posted.

Even if it is an 'individual' problem, it is still a problem since it is identifiable as the same two words for every post meaning it is the same person with or without a name attached.

And how could it be that if the poster is anonymous that the same two words come up as the code for the one and same person every time?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:11:

You've switched to a new post for your comments. It IS strange that you see the same code each time, I agree. I do not. I'm guessing the issue is on your end. Have you tried just hitting the circle arrow? That is there to change the image in the box.

However, no one can see your capcha image other than you. It doesn't get attached to your posting in any way. Other than your telling people, no one would know that. If you want to prove that to yourself, set up a blogger website and post on it yourself after signing out or have someone else post.

Anonymous said...

The Mayors task force has no idea what to look for. Put the staff back in the city to pay taxes! Why are paraprofessionals forced to live in the city when they get paid the least? Oh ya they are nobodies! Unfair! SO, having them move and not pay taxes did it work? No, because you need people from the city that can handle these kids!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mayor,

The problems are not the curriculum! The problems stem from the neighborhood bringing nonfunctional kids into a school! The staff are abused from the poverty kids, high crime areas!The hard working tax payers are leaving sir! The school board can not fix this problem! We need better Administrators and get rid of the Politics! Thank You Sir.