Tuesday, July 29, 2014

PPS allowed to continue its own evaluation system

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State granted PPS 3 year waiver to continue use of the evaluation system that is more rigorous than the state evaluation system. The contract is almost up. The time to strike is now.

The PFT is a laughingstock to the Board. Linda Lane believes she can do whatever she wants, BECAUSE SHE CAN!!! Who is going to stop these charlatans from getting rid of experienced teachers and principals while central office laughs all the way to the bank.

They are not accountable to the children or parents. You are a joke to them, the teachers are a joke to them, the taxpayers are a joke. But we all let them get away with whatever they want while they keep cashing in.

How can Linda Lane NOT be on an improvement plan?? Where is the EVIDENCE she met any of her performance goals!? District of first choice? The district is a laughingstock."


Questioner said...

Per the article almost 97% of PPS teachers were rated distinguished or better. So how can teachers be the explanation for poor student achievement?

Anonymous said...


This is all about the Gates money. Politics...

Anonymous said...

The author of the article made an error. 97% were proficient or distinguished. Advanced isn't even a word PPS uses to describe teacher performance levels. It's the article's error that is drawing the most interest and comments on the PG's website, but people don't realize it's an error.

Anonymous said...

I just read the CBS story. Sickening! I wonder how much money Gates gave to the state?

So so sickening. Teachers have to wise up, band together. Walk outs, boycotting testing and refusing to participate in RISE would beca start. Other schools have done it.

If teachers don't come together to take back the power, we are done. We are now tied to more of that money. We all know the $40 million is for teacher evaluations. We will all be "RISEN" out of our jobs soon.

The " reform" depends on student data & evaluations. Without those thing, the whole system collapses. Teachers in other state have boycotted the tests & evaluations. Gates, The Broad zombies, etc move on to the next place.

We can't count on anyone to do it for us. Parents out there, would you support the teachers doing this? We need to take our schools back!

Anonymous said...

NO, as a parent I want my child to be educated by a teacher who cares more about teaching children every day than outrage and strikes over an evaluation system. No one has their priorities right.

Anonymous said...

Dear Parent--
I wish your student's teacher had time to think about teaching your child as they used to do- planning the best way to get difficult concepts across etc.
Now with a FORTY-SEVEN page evaluation to meet-- trust me it is very time consuming to plan out how to meet these goals
concerns about being exactly on book with the script no matter who acts out and interrupts the lesson--
students aren't even near the top of anyone's list

Anonymous said...


We can't teach your children anymore. All we can do is test, test, test. Also your child takes instructional time to fill out surveys. All this in an environment where there is zero discipline because the principal is spending the day buried in evaluations.

That is what teacher want to boycott, so we can get back to teaching your children.

Anonymous said...

In response to 9:51, The teacher evaluation system requires your child to spend an extraordinary amount of time being tested.

That is the problem with this system. That is why it is an outrage to teachers.

We want to teach your children. This system looks at your child as a data point on a graph. Principals tell us not to "waste our time" on small group instruction on kids who are not our "bubble" kids (those close to cutoff scores) We are to ignore the kids at the top because they'll pass anyway and the kids at the bottom who are too far away from the required cut score. This gives us the most "bang for our buck" score wise.

Teacher evaluations based on high stakes testing hurts your child. Teachers have their priorities straight about this. We see how this is destroying your children's education and their love of learning.

Anonymous said...

THe RISE training at the school level has been a abysmal.

No one has investigated the level of understanding the teachers have of what it takes to become distinguished. Let's start there and survey teachers regarding how clearly the process has been conveyed.

The process is still subjective!!

Anonymous said...

When is the current PFT contract up? Nothing has been said about negotiations?

Anonymous said...

9:39, the current contract runs through June 2015.