Saturday, October 4, 2014

Transportation problems at magnet high schools

On another post Mark Rauterkus wrote:

New topic.

Repost entire article please. All city magnet located outside of Oakland and Downtown have an extra burden."


Questioner said...

A previous article noted on the same page of the newspaper is this one, explaining the effects of the decision to stop giving students bus passes:

The last line of that article is strangely inconsistent with the header. But, it does have contact information for Mr. Vasser, who is in charge of transportation at PPS. Has anyone tried contacting him about these problems?

Questioner said...

Also, maybe some students can speak at the next public hearing. The Board always pays attention when students make the effort to come out and speak, and their testimony will be widely available via "The Public Hearing Show" (see above).

Anonymous said...

In reference to 10:47, I think the reporter is trying to say the bus cuts are causing problems for many students, but not necessarily Obama students. In the article she interviews a Sci-Tech student who describes the effect on his after school activities.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Hard to get school spirit with these conditions.

Questioner said...

6:43, you are probably right. That article was written in October 2012, and so given the most recent article and further cuts it is apparently no longer true that "OAIS students can get to and from school, daily activities, and home without too much of a struggle".