Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Cost per student information posted

On another post Anonymous wrote:


From the article:

“When all costs are considered, the average per-student cost districtwide in Pittsburgh Public Schools is about $20,000.”

What do you think parents, community and others committed to the education of their children could accomplish with $20,000 per child?"


Questioner said...

First question- is the calculation straightforward, or are certain items included/ excluded to create a particular impression? Because we rarely get unfiltered data anymore.

Anonymous said...

Cost per student don't have reflection on a student learning ability.now we are going to use this as a measurement to what student learn in school.So now we are saying the more cost per student would have a better outcome in learning ability!!!!!INTERESTING I am just asking a QUESTION if about cost can always borrow
Promise Money if the case

Anonymous said...

You are so right 4:02, the amount of money spent does NOT change the teaching and learning that happens in a school and never will. Its about building relationships. Its about knowing there is care, concern, commitment, trust, skills and knowledge that will carry forward. . . .

This begs the question: What is PPS spending all of this money to accomplish?