Monday, December 8, 2014

Grievances at Perry; substitute qualifications

On another post Anonymous wrote:

"I worked at Perry for a few years and have witnessed first had the wrath of Chakey, but let's not forget about [PERSONAL INFORMATION DELETED.] The way s/he talks to students and staff is unacceptable. Linda Lane has to have heard about what's going on in that building, and she has done nothing. i have decided to leave the district all together. Thus far since the short time the new admin. has been in the building numerous grievances have been filed, and still nothing is being done. Also I have heard that it's not what you know it's who you know. they have a substitute there who does not even have a college degree. Again, when your [relative]  is part of the good old boys club, I guess you can come to work in ratty old Perry sweatshirt and pretend to answer the phones and never cover a class. That's our tax dollars at work. Shame on you Linda Lane for this allowing this to happen."


Anonymous said...

a few years ago parents were told that teacher dress code will be negotiated, maybe things will improve.

the words principal and tyrant may soon be synonymous, at least at Perry.

wasn't the nepotism policy beefed up recently? is there an favoritism/cronyism policy?

Anonymous said...

I posted some time ago about a teacher there at Perry who had NO CURRENT CERTIFICATION. She finally got the credits she needed, but it was unbelievable to me. The fights there are getting worse as well. I don't understand how city police could be called, adults could be accidentally maced, and yet NO PUBLICITY? Who is responsible for the cover ups there? Someone please--look at the number of teachers who have fled since last year. The public needs to know that our most vulnerable students are being heavily marginalized by unqualified subs and a tyrannical dictatorship at the helm! Teachers who were just in the past few years considered distinguished are now being targeted with "plans" fraught with contractual violations. I can't help but shake my head and hope that some enterprising person with no fear and nothing to loose will stand up and expose the mockery of a school that Perry has become. As for the dress policy, I would rather see jeans and Perry gear than the horrid ties and clashing shirts that are sported there by some of those trying to show the underlings who is in charge. It's become a faculty joke, and I wouldn't be surprised to find that the casual wear is a passive aggressive form of protest about the conditions. ;)

Anonymous said...

just a question, do letters still go out to parents when a noncertified teacher is teaching a class? certainly parents still have the ability and right to ask if a teacher is certified/qualified, right?

Anonymous said...

I just the hope painters at PPS not certified/or qualified to do all the electrical work in the building(s)yes it is true not what you know is who you know let's shed some light here you said that the substitute at Perry was not certified/qualified if they taught there is students legally Eligible far as GPA can get Promise money!!!

Anonymous said...

The painters belong to a union. I am sorry, I cannot give the name. Electrical work must be performed by electricians union people only. (IBEW) Although some years ago, Franco Electric installed emergency systems at Perry. They were wired so all machines ran backwards. Board electricians had to fix the problem.
There was a big fuss some years ago that tradesman working for the board, union members, highly qualified should only work in the schools. If Linda Lane is union busting, shame on her. If we are sitting back and allowing it, shame on us. If painters are doing electrical work, teachers should put down their chalk and erasers, grab a sign, picket! AFL-CIO supports brother workers.