Monday, December 15, 2014

New clearance requirements

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This is in today's Post.

School volunteers must now pass criminal background test. Passed October, this will take effect on December 31st.
There are plenty of times where individuals have access to students. A few are; college/tech school reps. Military recruiters and guest instructors.
I am afraid the real threat will be that access to schools will become more difficult. If a parent wants to visit, the principal can deny access using the background check as an excuse to deny. A visitor can always have a chance encounter with a child. Now, if you don't have clearance, I can see principals not letting you past the main office. You will not be able to see into a classroom."


Anonymous said...

What about college students are they exempt ? Because when they go to schools don't have clearance papers my questions do they need them as well ! I just don't see them spending money on clearance papers. Now do all PPS staff require to have clearance papers ? I work for a University came in contact with students everyday wasn't require to have clearance papers.My point is at this time PPS is choosing who should get clearance papers or not very interesting ! Oh is the Gates Foundation pushing this trend? Just thought I put that out there in the long run my find out some folks might not be allowed on school property!!!!!!!! Through this process keep that in mind ladies & gentlemen

Anonymous said...

College students are required also.

Anonymous said...

Let's be honest, based on past experience with laws that require interpretation and that aspects be defined (school visitor/school volunteer) there seems to be lax enforcement. Also, this law would not have prevented the school officer, currently in jail, from having access to commit his crimes. While the mandatory reporter portion of the law will be strictly applied and be fully understood, the clearances for non-school personnel portion of the law will likely be all teeth and no bite.

Questioner said...

But it can easily be used to shield shortcomings in schools from public views. And the state really is not set up to process these clearances quickly and efficiently. So much can be done on line with minimal cost and delay, suggesting that a better process is possible, but we just do not have it.

And how often have there been cases of individuals without clearances abusing a child in school, or making contact with a child in school and abusing the child out of school? Might there be better places to put the resources that will go into this new mandate- such as, for example, targeting the many instances when children are still not secured by seat belts when riding in private vehicles?

Anonymous said...

PPS has been more vigilant than the suburbs. I have worked with student teachers observers etc and the SOP in PPS was- to the surprise of the college students- they photocopy your papers on the day you start. Students pay for it themselves-part of the student teaching portfolio. Some PTOs in the city have pd. for clearances for parents, senior volunteers etc.
It is very possibly that predators attach themselves to various volunteer organizations. Please remember- Jerry Sandusky was one of the "points of light"-- volunteer programs during the Bush administration. I personally welcome these regulations- I know teachers/school personnel have clearances-- I do not know about the people the schools have allowed in to "help"

Anonymous said...

The clearances issue will become a bear to administer in the future if we continue to advance the idea of community schools. There has to be a clear plan and defined terms and practices.

Anonymous said...

12/16 at 10:11, you have given us something to think about. even supervised visitors and volunteers have the ability to have conversations that go unheard by observers.

what of a scenario like the one that exists at brookline K-8 where the b'ball team uses the city rec center as their home court? how many pps staff members go with the team to games and is it enough to ensure the kids come in no contact with someone without clearances?