Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Bonuses in Wilkinsburg

Anonymous wrote:

"New Post Please

This in today's Post Gazette.

By Clarece Polke / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Elementary principals Tanya Smith, of Turner Elementary, and Rosalind Fisher, of Kelly Elementary, will receive one-time bonuses from the Wilkinsburg School District for improved School Performance Profile scores for the 2013-14 school year.

The school board unanimously approved the bonuses for the principals at Tuesday night's legislative meeting. The scores were released in November by the state Department of Education.

Turner Elementary saw one of the highest score increases in Allegheny County of 12.9 points, for an overall score of 68. Ms. Smith received a bonus of $1,500. Kelly Elementary saw an increase of 6.5 points to 62.9. Ms. Fisher received a bonus of $1,000.

The SPP score is based largely on student performance on Pennsylvania System of School Assessment tests, state-required end-of-course Keystone Exams, and the amount of growth shown by students in one year.

Board director Richard Bradford suggested the board also recognize teachers who showed significant progress in their classrooms. Superintendent Dan Matsook proposed hosting a breakfast for teachers at both buildings.

Mr. Matsook has attributed the improvements, in part, to efforts from elementary teachers to use data-driven decisions in their instruction.

"They did something that's very important and very phenomenal to us," Mr. Bradford said. "Yes they had leadership at the building level, but the teachers did the work at the front lines."

The improvements at the elementary level contrast with persisting struggles at Wilkinsburg High School. The district is working to improve academic achievement at the high school, where no students tested proficient in biology last year. The school saw a 1.7-point decrease from the previous year with a score of 34.6, the lowest score in the county for the second consecutive year."


Questioner said...

These are not huge amounts. The Wilkinsburg board must be so thrilled with the progress that they want to recognize the principals in some way. It is difficult to know of course how much of the progress is due to the principals and how much to the teachers- but hopefully they will give them a very nice breakfast as a small token of appreciation.

Anonymous said...

They may not be huge amounts, and I am sure breakfast will be appreciated. Point is, those students improved without; Gates, Broad, PELA'S, Consultants, Coaches, career ladders, and in-fighting among board members. All the while they are in a depressed area with a shrinking tax base. If the good folks in Wilkinsburg can do it, so can we. God Bless them and way to go!

Anonymous said...

Well we can give bonuses to PPS TEACHERS if
Dr Lane give back her $10,000 BONUSES oh !!!!!!!!
To help pay for the BREAKFAST as well there you go we should adopt the Wilkibsburg way of doing school business my point is you can run a successful school dist without Broad/Gates sorry to say Linda Lane do I need to say more.

Anonymous said...

In answer to the question___ What is it that you expect'communities-who-struggle-to-exist' to do?

Anonymous said...

It begins with Leadership.

If any of us have forgotten what Leadership looks like, feels like and smells like, tune in to The History Channel's "Sons of Liberty". The struggling colonies...the Leaders that emerged...the risks....the vision...knowing that the 'time'for action was now.

Anonymous said...

"...the teachers did the work at the front lines."

Anonymous said...

Kudo's to Wilkinsburg. They would say that they have a long way to go...but Breakfast is sounding pretty good right now.

None of the above is " sitting on the curb casting stones ".

Anonymous said...

Recommending the viewing of "The Sons of Liberty" as relevant curricula across content areas.