Monday, January 26, 2015

Teacher salaries

Anonymous wrote:

"P-G article regarding teacher salaries.

One of the people responding to this article talks about needing a pay cut. I hopes he doesn't mean a teacher pay cut. We need fewer administrators at the top making the high salaries. Start the cuts at the top! PPS has more chiefs than Indians. I would like to see the total numbers of students, teachers, and administrators. We are top heavy. Put these administrators into the classrooms and lower class size. Oh, only the administrators who actually have real hands-on teaching experience. They don't all have that in their resume.

As we get closer and closer to the end of this contract, expect more articles making it sound like our teachers are paid too much. The P-G will continue to be the mouthpiece for PPS' PR."


Anonymous said...

Speaking of CONTRACTS who is doing the negotiations
The UNION or BROAD/GATES !!!!!!!!!!! I think they should bring in the AFL ( American Federal Labor ) I don't think they have ties with Broad/Gates just thought I put that on the table!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the mayor wants to insert himself into the negotiations! Here's how it will go down. Linda Lane will just write the contract and Nina will approve it and say "Don't you just love this new contract? Isn't this great" like she did with RISE.
The board knows she won't strike or make any bold moves. Remember how she kept saying she would sue the district if they insisted on using cut scores higher than the state's cut off? But she dropped that when Bill Gates said he'd take his money away. She is all talk.
But even if we vote the contract down, it will mysteriously pass just like it did five years ago.We need to stop paying the union. Who else would you employ to do such shoddy work?

Anonymous said...

So why did the rank and file ever vote in the likes of a John Tarka or Nina Esposito?

Anonymous said...

Nina was very popular with the elementary teachers. This guy, Sammartino, ran against her. She portrayed him as a "radical" and scared a lot of teachers. I also heard rumors that she made things very difficult for him, in the way of getting into schools to talk with and meet with teachers. Tarka was already president when I was hired, as for Nina it seemed a little rigged (not unlike our last contract) I didn't vote for her. The idea of someone "radical" was much more appealing.

Anonymous said...

It's the "Teachers" union, so it's up to the membership to decide who is elected to lead. Apparently no one in PPS is leading, not the Board, Central Admin or even those elected by the teachers. Maybe it's time to scrap them all at all three levels and start fresh with new blood and ideas without any owe or pay backs to any person, corporation, union or philosophical thought of education. Time for moving on!

Anonymous said...

2:42 - Why NO philosophical thoughts on education?

What would you use to guide the deserved high quality delivery of education to those who depend on public schools for education?

Surely, you don't want a one-size-fits all, hit or miss, helter-skelter or whatever the public will bear approach that has been leaving the majority of PPS children in the "failure" mode for too many years?