Monday, January 26, 2015

Letters and editorials about A+

On another post Anonymous wrote:

"This is a comment about the latest (1/26) "opinion letter" about A+ Schools in the P-G. More A+ PR.

"Does anyone else find it strange that there is an almost monthly (or more) article, opinion letter, editorial piece, etc. praising or thanking A+ schools in the PG? There are countless amazing foundations, advocacy groups, charitable organizations, and educational partnerships with a long history of serving the Pittsburgh community. Why don't we see an endless stream of love letters and thank you notes for ANY other group? 
Is the work of A+ schools so life changing that citizens are compelled to stop what they doing and compose a written thank you note that simply must be shared with the entire city? 

When was the last time you thought something was so amazing or helpful, you said to yourself "I must stop what I'm doing and write a letter to the newspaper! The city of Pittsburgh needs to hear about this!" Now think about how often someone is compelled to do this for A+ schools?! Really??!! 

I think not. This is a well documented Gates Foundation strategy called "astro turfing" or fake grass roots support. This Gates funded group drums up community support for his "school reform" using cherry picked data to play on the emotions of a public they largely consider too ignorant to dig deep enough to question the numbers or logic. Too further influence the public, "opinion" letters and "editorials" are ramped up whenever the public begins to ask questions (as in Chris Potter's article 2 weeks ago) or to sway public opinion to support Gates style reforms. 

As we approach contract negotiations and the public becomes more aware of A+ schools and their shady practices, there will likely be a rise in these types of letters and other desperate measures to influence (brainwash) the public." "


Anonymous said...

Ms. Murrin's letter states that she is on Board watch which "looks at how the school board is governing the district." The problem here is that our school board doesn't govern the district. It only rubber stamps whatever Lane and Co. puts in front of them. A+ would serve us better by watching what the administrators at Bellefield are doing. Lane and the gang are governing the district with Gates, Broad, etc chirping in their ears.

Anonymous said...

BROAD/GATES we have nothing to lose or find another DIST to MERGE with in which is free from BROAD-GATES can't go wrong there you can't expect change with the same PPS ADMINISTRATION remember the movie
The Replacements

InfoWar1999 said...

Not Mark Brentley.

InfoWar1999 said...
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Anonymous said...

I just saw on Thomas Sumpter's resume that he attended the Broad Institute in 2006. Maybe that helps to explain in part the lack of independent thinking coming from the board.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Sumpter is Broad too! There you have it ALL of the top positions at PPS are Broad!