Saturday, February 13, 2010

NYC's "data driven" experience

Discussion about the reliability of various statistics in NYC"

“The mayor should get credit for trying to put those systems in place,” said Doug Turetsky, a spokesman for the city’s nonpartisan Independent Budget Office. “But this is an important reminder that while statistics offer a vital window into how well services are being performed, whether we’re talking about crime rates in precincts, or successes in schools, or cleanliness of the streets, they’re not necessarily a perfect measure. They’re subject to all sorts of potential biases and pressures.”


Questioner said...

Two days later, a NYT article that an inquiry in the state of Georgia suggests widespread cheating on its state standardized test.

The article notes that principals and teachers are under intense pressure to improve test scores, and that most states do not do the type of "erasure analysis" undertaken by Georgia.

Anonymous said...

Off topic question - The boys' and girls' basketball city championships were supposed to be held March 4th at Duquesne University. It was just announced that they will be held March 6th in one of our own gyms. Why?? That takes making the championship game "special" out of the honor of playing the game.

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