Saturday, February 20, 2010

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Anonymous said...

The survey that is sent to parents of PPS students each year appears to be even more leading than usual. Questions are still worded to get a certain response not to really find out anything. There is no space for any other comments this year. The money spent on paper, postage and creation of the survey may be better spent on the students. Seems to be another example of pretending to give the parents a voice.

parentof2 said...

Drove passed the Schenley building this morning and was surprised to see that it has been shoveled (up to its doors)better than buildings that actually have people in them. Pretty interesting for a vacant building that posed such a "danger" to its former occupants.

Annette Werner said...

For several months, I periodically asked the Parent Hotline if the Title IX audit of girls sports had been received.

I learned today that the district finally received the report on February 2, 2010, fourteen months after the report was ordered and twice as many months as the report originally was to take to prepare.

And- it is not available to read. To do that, it is necessary to submit a Right to Know Request. Typically it takes at least 30 days for documents requested under RTKL to be produced. Is there any reason why the district should not promptly post audit reports for public review?

Anonymous said...

Seeking Allderdice updates: We got a robocall last week about a suspicious package being found, sitaution handled by police, no danger to students; Allderdice's new principal is out on maternity leave; my 9th grade son says he got a contact high in a first floor bathroom.

What's up at Allderdice these days?

Anonymous said...


During the new business portion of the regular monthly legislative meeting of the Board Mrs. Hazuda noted she and Mrs. Fink will be featured at

South Region Public Input Meeting

Brookline Area Community Council will host as part of their monthly meeting at:

St Mark's Evangelical Lutheran Church
933 Brookline Blvd.
Pittsburgh PA 15226
March 29, 2010
7:00 PM

Anonymous said...

The next Excellence for All Parent Steering Committee meeting is scheduled for 4/22/10 at Allderdice at 5:30 and will focus on the Empowering Effective Teaches Plan. Parents planning to attend should spend some time becoming familiar with the plan by reviewing at least the 7 Key Initiatives and the FAQs found on the pghboe website. Implementation affects our kids and is our concern too. Lack of participation in the discussion signals agreement, so being prepared with questions should signal that we are concerned about how this will impact our children.