Friday, February 12, 2010

"Regardless of their test scores"

From an article about snow days in the PG:

"Christy Llera, a University of Illinois professor, has done studies showing that students who get along well with others in school and participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities are more likely to finish high school, graduate from college and get higher earnings afterward, regardless of their achievement test scores."

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- It seems like the old time high schools understood this better than many of today's testing-centered high schools.

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Anonymous said...

Old time high schools were run by old time principals. These folks were quickly shown the door by the incoming PPS admin. Now the effort is to do the same with unbending, can't move with the times teachers.
I had to laugh recently about a teachers' blog stating that if Al Fondy were around, none of this would be transpiring. Sorry. I liked Al, God rest his soul, but at the end of his career, he turned into more of a pussy cat than his previous tiger. no, he might not have been complicit with administration, but his last decade or so as leader should have been entitled, "For a Few Dollars More", because everything was traded for a few bucks.