Wednesday, April 7, 2010

CAPA sign cost $3M

From the Tribune:

Assuming they get the sign working reliably- is this a smart marketing move, or could money have been better spent?


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust and the foundations paid for it. Not. Although it is curious that $3 million is the same amount of funding that the foundations pulled from PPS a few years back to make the puppy do its business on the papers.

Anonymous said...

New post:

The long awaited Title IX audit is being released at tonight's Education Committee meeting at 5:30.

The spin doctors are already at work..."no apparent "moderate" problems." I wonder if the Board will release the report in its entirety, or just parts they "edit"?

It is also interesting that the PPS web site has Derrick Lopez listed under that topic tonight as well. It is no surprise then that he already had that coaches meeting at Brashear. That will be part of the PR. "We already started addressing problems...blah, blah."

aparent said...

I saw a middle grade girls' soccer game yesterday for the first time in years. The coach exemplified all the qualities anyone would find necessary to make a great coach. He did not need a meeting with Mr. Lopez to make him a quality coach. He brought to the field the methods and practices that make him a good teacher.

Why on earth did PPS volunteer for the Title IX audit in the first place? How the admin uses the results will be interesting to see.

Mark Rauterkus said...

The Title IX audit was done as a delay ploy, IMNSHO. PPS got to do nothing (i.e., no overhaul now) for 2 years in the name of an audit. Plus, the one doing the audit is from out of town. Good cover there.

Questioner said...

The article notes that the sign was approved back in 2004, under the prior administration- so at least the sign wasn't put up at the same time PPS was cutting things like the jobs of swim matrons.