Friday, April 23, 2010

PA's First Lady promotes legal careers

Tribune article describing the program held at Schenley:


watchin' the ship sink said...

This kind of thing just drives me crazy. Many newly graduated lawyers can't find work now. And they have huge loans to repay.

And yet our elite want to churn out even more lawyers, even more paper-shufflers.

What we need are more plumbers, more carpenters, and more skilled tradespeople of all types.

And, yes, we need factories to employ people and to actually make things.

But no, our elite instead allows the trade schools to be shut down and the factories to close. And then they call for even more lawyers!

Sorry for the rant. I know the program as described in the article is not telling everyone to go be a lawyer.

But as I said above, the whole premise just drives me crazy.

Questioner said...

It's true... even many law schools now are promoting an interdisciplinary approach (law and medicine; law and business; law and other fields). Government regulation has become so pervasive that a background in law can be useful no matter what you do, and it provides a good education in how to think. But for many, it is not practical to spend 7 years in school for an uncertain future.