Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Schenley's language program honored

From the PG, Schenley was one of 5 Pennsylvania high schools honored for its strong foreign language program:



parentof2 said...

Congrats to Schenley students and teachers!!
I hope the language program is as strong as the article implies. My children's PPS exposure to language has been a bit disappointing up to now. (am a surprised that Roosevelt didn't take credit or is he -maybe- embarrassed that the school he has sent to a slow death is still fighting back in such a wonderful way!)

Anonymous said...

There's still time for a (another) great program to be gutted, though.

With the IB school taking over, there are several language teachers who are either leaving the school due to all the hassles there or who may be displaced as Schenley officially closes next year.

I think they're lucky the announcement was made NOW, maybe it will help focus the administrators on keeping the teachers that were the driving force behind them getting this award.