Friday, April 23, 2010

Gender based public schools

A committee sponsored by PPS recommended division of Westinghouse into separate girls' and boys' academies. Currently 9th grade core classes at the school are divided by gender.

Similar gender based classrooms were challenged by the ACLU of Louisiana in February 2010. "The evidence in this case indicates that the sex segregation policy at Rene A. Rost cannot overcome the high and even insurmountable legal hurdles to sex-based classifications in public schools," said Mark Friedman, cooperating attorney from Debevoise & Plimpton LLP. "The school's segregation policy is not only clearly against the law, it also fails to provide parents and students any with any real educational choice."

Another article reports that a decision was issued this week:

According to this article, the judge determined that the school board had been negligent in faily to adequately investigate gender based classrooms. While gender based classes for the remainder of the current school year were not shut down, the article indicates that next year the school must follow guidelines allowing just one all male and one all female classroom at each grade level at the school.


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This memorandum explains the position of the ACLU/ Women's Rights Project in more detail:

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Some historic context about coeducation and single gender schooling is at: