Saturday, November 6, 2010

Baptist minsters sponsor community meeting for Monday

The topic: Are Pittsburgh Public School Students getting the best education possible?

From the Tribune:

"The Baptist Ministers Conference of Pittsburgh on Monday will host a community meeting to discuss public education in Pittsburgh.

The meeting will start at 6:15 p.m. at Ebenezer Baptist Church on Wylie Avenue in the Hill District. Speakers will be limited to three minutes and are asked to bring a copy of their testimony.

The hearing is meant to gather feedback about whether Pittsburgh Public Schools students are getting the best education possible.

To sign up, call 412-731-6242."


Anonymous said...

All I know is A+ Schools put out an checklist for hiring teachers to work in our "more challenging" schools sometime last year maybe. Not sure where the link went to, but I can assure you as a teacher unwittingly placed in an ALA, the district is not following those guidelines. They're dumping displaced teachers into ALA schools like Northview regardless of whether they have the temerity or skills to work with that specialized population. This current group should revisit that checklist and see what's being done there first.
Why reinvent the whe.....oh, never mind. We're talking about education. We do things the wrong way all the time.

Questioner said...

It is true that it's discouraging, and those with the most information do not feel free to speak up, but we can't give up.

Did the district ever say it would follow the A+ checklist?

Anonymous said...

Here is a copy of the PDF file. It doesn't say explicitly if they agreed on it. "Collaboration" doesn't imply implementation I guess

Questioner said...

A lot of times A+ Schools puts out good recommendations or asks good questions, but then backs right down if the district ignores them.