Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The New Teachers Project

On another post Anonymous wrote:

"What is known about The New Teacher's Project (TNTP)?

Has this TNTP begun yet in Pittsburgh?

Who is managing and organizing the project?

What is the cost and estimated time period?

Where has it been effective? How? Why? But what measure/"


Questioner said...

This may be a link to a website for the organization:


In Pittsburgh, is the New Teacher Project part of the teachers academies?

The website lists cities where the program has been used. It would be very helpful if someone could review to see if there is information on proven effectiveness of the program.

Questioner said...

It is another Gates-funded initiative; from the website noted above:

"Typically, about 30 percent of TNTP’s annual revenue comes from the support of leading philanthropies, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Arnold Family Foundation, the Joyce Foundation, the Carnegie Corporation of New York, and the Charles & Helen Schwab Foundation".

Anonymous said...

The New Teachers Project, TNTP, is here!


City trying new ways of certifying nontraditional teachers

The state board Thursday approved an alternative route, this time a year-long residency program to be offered by Pittsburgh Public Schools.

The district has hired the project for $2.7 million through Nov. 1, 2013 to, among other things, establish a Pittsburgh Teaching Fellows program to attract and train about 30 to 50 teachers a year.

Emily Silberstein of TNTP said the participants will be paid a salary but also will have to pay tuition of about $5,000 for two certificate programs and about $3,000 for one. They will have to teach five years in the district or else pay back $20,000.

Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/10323/1104524-298.stm#ixzz15hetCGOd

Anonymous said...

I guess we need "Stepford Teachers"