Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dropout prevention at Clayton features a SHORTER school day

From the New Pittsburgh Courier:

- No mention of Community Education Partners (CEP); it is not clear from the article if CEP is still at the Clayton building.


Anonymous said...

Word on the grapevine is that Clayton is gone next year from PPS' plans.

Anonymous said...

Hey, right alongside the idea of paying kids to come to school, we have this gem. Why not allow students to play video games during class, text at any time and have McDonalds snacks throughout the day?
What idiot thinks of this stuff?

solutionsRus said...

Not sure why, if these students can learn everything they need to graduate in four hours, why are the rest of our students in school for eight hours?

And if this program really is working (which we don't know yet), wouldn't these students be better served in their home schools (less stigma, more ability to participate in extra curricular, less transportation costs for the district, etc.)?

Anonymous said...

A parent told me today the students who like Clayton are the students who like drama. She said the students rule the classrooms there.

We are not serving students by sending them to Clayton. We are just doing teachers/administrators a favor by getting rid of problematic students for awhile. At least it helps get rid of disruptive students from a classroom, but the students always come back and the problems continue. There has to be a better way.

Anonymous said...

Clayton is run by a company from Nashville.

Why would a 4 hour day be a good idea for the community, the kids or anyone? These are high risk kids, I can only imagine the potential disasterous implications of them having too much free/unsupervised time.

A community should never roll the dice with high risk kids.

Questioner said...

Will we ever hear our Board discussing longer days, shorter days, the pros and cons and the evidence behind various alternatives and how they all fit together? (Asking a few random questions after an administration presentation doesn't count.)