Monday, November 22, 2010

New featured topic posted

PPS/ State of PA PSSA 2010 Comparison is posted at

The green lines show EFA goals. Not all charts include EFA goals because EFA goals were not set for all grades and tests.


Anonymous said...

A quick review of the information and graphs posted on this link raises many, many, questions. Here are just of few for your reflection.

1) What is the purpose of posting? A summary of purpose and findings might shed some light on that question.

2) Is there a reason to post PPS Data without explaining why it differs from PDE official Data?

3) What can be learned from a "trend" that encompasses only five years of data; and shows significant fluctuation from year to year?

4) To establish a "trend" would it not be more accurate to trace and track PSSA scores beginning in 2003 which was the first year of PA Districts' "ACCOUNTABILITY" for results?

5) Why do you use the term "longitudinal" when calculating and including PSSA scores for years 2012, 2014, etc. as these have not yet occurred?

6) PVAAS is a "prediction" based on current 'circumstance' and practice. is it not possible, or even likely, that both circumstance and practice might change (even significantly) from 2010 to 2012, 2014, or 2016?

7) Have you used "trend" and "longitudinal" interchangeably? If so, why?

8) Explain the inclusion of PVAAS that meets your purpose here and now?

Please answer if there are answers as more questions will follow.

Questioner said...

1) The purpose for posting is to show in graph form how the PPS district has done relative to the state on PSSA exams.

2) PPS data is in general supposed to conform to PDE data. PPS indicates that in some instances data from more than one year is averaged to protect privacy. If someone finds significant differences between PPS data and PDE data, specifics would be worth noting as a comment.

3) These latest charts focus on the current administration, which has been in place for 5 years. Fluctuation in results would not be a reason to disregard results.

4) If someone has time to extend graphs back to 2003, wonderful!

5) The PPS/PA 2010 comparison chart does not include the term longitudinal. Other charts refer to the scores of the class of 2012 or 2014, but only scores through 2009.

6) The chart does not mention PVAAS.

7) No, trend and longitudinal are not interchangeable.

8) The chart does not mention PVAAS.

Anonymous said...

Questions included all of the postings ____ NOT just the CHARTS____where the results and terms were definitely used and sometimes interchangeably.

#3 - Fluctuation from year to year even within the last 5 years makes a huge difference when one of those years reveals improvement and the following year reveals a substantial decline______making the conclusion of any one of those years relevant to progress or lack thereof.

No, results should never be "disregarded" quite the opposite_______meaning and relevance is added when ALL results ore included in your comparisons.

#5 "Longitudinal" is in quotes. Is there a reason, as it appears to be used interchangeably with "trend."

# 6 PLease review the information on PVAAS presented in your posting, then, perhaps, there will be an answer to #6. explain

Questioner said...

Which posting?

Questioner said...

This thread is only for the most recent charts posted (PPS/ PA PSSA 2010 comparison). If there are issues to discuss re: other Featured Topics posted in prior years, a new topic should be suggested.

Anonymous said...

All of questions arose from the your postings/threads/whatever that came under

That Pure Reform (you?) posted under THIS TITLE: "New feature topic posted"

If THIS posting includes prior years of threads, perhaps it should be so noted_____to prevent people from what seems to be inappropriate responses ?????

Questioner said...

The original post was:

New featured topic posted

PPS/ State of PA PSSA 2010 Comparison is posted at

- To clarify- this thread is for the new featured topic called "PPS/ State of PA PSSA 2010 Comparison" and not for the old featured topics posted below the 2010 charts.

anonymous2 said...

Anonymous -- I believe that at the link, the NEW posting is shown. Those are the charts you see.

Below that is other PSSA data in other formats which have been previous featured topics. If you click on them, you will see each of them. However, I believe that this posting is meant to refer to the NEW and visible without clicking information.

Anonymous said...

Thank you____and sorry for creating confusion for you______however, on whatever, thread, posting, etc. the questions still stand_____but, no answer is expected_____.

Questioner said...

Happy to respond- but make it easy for everyone by starting a new topic if the question does not relate to the Pgh/PA 2010 PSSA Comparison- and be sure to refer to the specific set of charts or commentary involved.