Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Broad in Detroit

On the April "Start a new post" Anonymous wrote:

"Pay close attention, this could easily happen here. Robert Bobb is an Eli Broad "Graduate".



Anonymous said...

This link supports what we very well be facing if we continue to ignore it.


"Parents Across America considers Broad’s influence to be inherently undemocratic, as it disenfranchises parents and other stakeholders in an effort to privatize our public schools and imposes corporate-style policies without our consent. We strongly oppose allowing our nation’s education policy to be driven by billionaires who have no education expertise, who do not send their own children to public schools, and whose particular biases and policy preferences are damaging our children’s ability to receive a quality education."

Anonymous said...

BROAD (or Gates) is NOT a presence in Duquesne City Schools! Thank goodness! The "transformation" that has occurred in Duquesne in LESS than one year is phenomenal under a new Superintendent this year. Look for the PSSA scores to increase 20-30-40 percentage points this year alone.

The "evidence" in the building gave Duquesne a reprieve by PDE officials who went there yesterday with the purpose of CLOSING the District because they have been stripped of more than 30% of their funding under Corbett and could continue next year with that budget. However, give credit to Amy Morton, (PDE Exec. Deputy Secretary) for knowing "transformation", "turn-around" or whatever tag one wants to give it; and is authorizing state funding next year for Duquesne City School.

Bravo Duquesne Faculty and Staff!

Here is PROOF of what was described in blog after blog here two days ago? (17 entries under “Analysis of the Pittsburgh Promise”)

Please PPS, visit the Duquesne District and witness what CAN happen (in less than one year) in "poverty", "black" or "low achieving schools" with the right people and protocols in place!

Duquesne to operate K-8 school for 1 year

Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/11117/1142149-56.stm#ixzz1Kizb1cMa


Questioner said...

The articles do not seem to give any specific results or predictions about PSSA scores- just that officials were "impressed with the program operated." Remember, state officials said they were impressed w/ PPS under MR's leadership as well! When will PSSA data be available?

Anonymous said...

Please do not dismiss this article. It was sent to you because of personal involvement in the transformation taking place there. PDE officials witnessed the evidence everywhere in the building that led them to believe the scores will be dramatically improved!

That is the reason they reversed their decision and gave Duquesne the one year reprieve.

Casting doubt on the article as written does a disservice to all.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I did not answer your last question.

The preliminary raw PSSA DATA from DRC will be sent to every district in June. In July, disaggregated data will be available to each District, but will be available with a Password only.

The PDE PAAYP site with DATA for all 500 PA School Districts will be publicly accessible in September, 2011.

Questioner said...

No doubt was cast on the article or the report that officials were impressed with the program.

Anonymous said...

Correction for Duquesne text at 12:11.

The middle paragraph should read (DUQUESNE) "under Corbett could NOT continue with that budget.'

Victoria said...

Let me try this again.

I posted this thread hoping people would read it. I do not see how the comments relate to the original article.

Please read it and click on hyperlinks within the blog. We are headed this way.